Some things, there is no need to distinguish between right and wrong.

/March 2023

whenever my adolescent sister quarrels with her father, she always intentionally or unintentionally takes me behind "son preference" and "prejudice".

when I was young, I couldn't tell who was right and who was wrong in a quarrel, but every time I went to comfort my sister, I always heard the sentence: "Don't bother me."

it may be out of guilt for my sister, or dissatisfaction with my father's parenting style, and those sad feelings turn into my "stubborn response" to my father.

slowly, there is only silence between father and son.

Mother said that when he was young, his father was a "powerful" man.

my father in the 1990s chose to "go to sea" and resigned from the factory to run the aquatic business. Watches, bicycles, sewing machines, color TV sets, motorcycles and so on, our family has always been one of the fastest people in town to change.

since I was sensible, the family's financial conditions have not been rich, probably due to the experience of my youth. My father is a very confident man: "Life has its ups and downs, maybe it will get up one day."

from the choice of interest courses, to the division of liberal arts and science classes, and then to the choice of majors in college. Most of the time, my father used the "no doubt" tone to talk to my sister and me. "you don't understand", "listen to me" and "you are still young" are probably the most words I heard when I was a child.

obviously in front of your father, but every conversation is always with oppression, so that you unconsciously do not want to communicate or escape, or even develop into confrontation.

it's not so much a rapprochement as because we don't see each other much at home.

this "semi-rigid" relationship continues until something happens.

I saw my father sitting at the table smoking a cigarette. I thought he was worried about the operation, so I comforted him: "the doctor said it was a minor operation and it would be over soon." He nodded and said, "I know, but just in case, I'll talk to you first."

hearing the word "confession" in my father's mouth, I became irritated for no reason: "Don't smoke, it's bad for your health."

what surprised me was that my father took the initiative to snuff out the cigarette on his hand, and his next words:

"after all, it's not easy for a girl. I want to leave some money for her so that she can have some confidence in the future."

I don't wonder why my father "left money" to his sister, because in my opinion, it is his property, and I have no right to ask how to distribute it.

later, my question was answered by my mother: "your father, he has never been biased."

"you always say that your parents are wrong, why not you are biased against your parents."

my mother's simple sentence woke me up:

but this kind of love is also irrational, and it is easy for him to complain that "you can't continue to be nice to me."

the so-called "the prejudice of children" , in the final analysis, it is nothing more than that I still look at him now with the unhappiness I used to get along with.

Auntie said, "it was the time when I bought the refrigerator. The people who asked your father to refrigerate things lined up on the street from the door." Cousin said: "it should be the time to buy a mobile phone, how many people around your father, watching your father make a phone call."

"the most beautiful thing in my life is to teach them well. I am satisfied that they have grown up safely and have not become bad guys and can support themselves. "

but at this time, it makes me understand a lot:

is just the father's prejudice, not to worry about how many mistakes his children have made in the past, nor how many quarrels with him have made him unhappy.

such introverted and deep emotions are like the newly launched liquor brand "Gaoguang" in Luzhou laojiao. The external simplicity and atmosphere, the real charm are converged in the inside.

with good appearance, high quality, high value and good taste,

there are too many things we can't say.

We can all hide in this glass of wine, and then raise the glass--

the moment you pick up the glass, you will find

but the silent "I get it" hidden in the wine.