Sometimes, I am afraid that chatting with you will become your burden.

/March 2023

recently, I have seen some people on Weibo criticize the behavior of "no reply from mass messages". They think that other people have a well-intentioned blessing, so they should say thank you anyway.

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when I see these remarks, I can't help thinking of a person, Lao Yan.

earlier, a girl who liked him often took the initiative to chat with him, but he was so cold that he didn't reply to any punctuation.

one day the girl panicked and asked Lao Yan if she had done something wrong to make him angry, otherwise why she had not replied to her message.

at that time, Lao Yan just failed to express his love, and he was very depressed and replied, "it's not your fault that I don't want to talk because I'm in a bad mood recently. I'm sorry."

Girl is careful: "although I hate to be disturbed when I am in a bad mood, I think it will be better to divert my attention." blabla

the other person sent several words to comfort him in succession, while the old face squinted at her phone and neatly blackened her

he said, "you hate to be disturbed when you feel bad, so why bother me?" Yes, your kindness is true, but it is also true that you make me feel uncomfortable. "

misplaced good intentions can also become sharp, even when a person doesn't like you, all your good intentions will become sharp.

however, people's identities are constantly changing. When Lao Yan changed from a pursuer to a suitor, this truth became his biggest wound.

after that failed confession, I asked Lao Yan what happened next. He shrugged and said there was no more. He didn't take the initiative to talk to the other person, and neither did he.

I called him stupid, and he sighed: "if the other person cares about me, he will definitely come to me." Just like the girls chasing me. "

so five months later, Lao Yan really never found that girl again-even if every time I mentioned him, he panicked into an idiot.

"there is no need to disturb her." Lao Yan always blocks my encouragement with this sentence, "after all, I am not important to her at all."

then one day in Shenzhen, he stayed in a hotel by himself. Because he was afraid of the dark, he had a nightmare that the girl he liked was bullied and cried without help.

after waking up, he was suddenly inexplicably sad, and then the son of a bitch opened his opponent's Wechat at five o'clock in the morning. After thinking for a long time, he finally sent a message: "I'm going to Hong Kong tomorrow. Shall I bring you anything?"

I still called him stupid, and he laughed at me in turn: "how can you, a single dog, understand the surging behind this light sentence?"

smiled with disdain. I said she wouldn't understand. If you don't say it, no one in the world will understand but you.

one night, Lao Yan suddenly asked me, "do you still remember the girl I blocked?"

I nodded and he sighed and then said, "I hated her then, but now I suddenly admire her." Because in fact, not everyone has the courage to throw the next stone into the sea when his mind sinks into the sea again and again. "

Lao Yan said he was actually scared. He was afraid of getting a perfunctory reply or even no reply to his carefully sent message.

although he has always said that knowing that he is not that important in the girl's heart, he is still afraid of the fact that it is gory in front of him.

so as long as he doesn't speak, he has room for fantasy one day, because the truth hasn't come yet.

I said, "there are some facts that if you don't face it one day, you won't be free one day." If it wasn't for your blocking, that girl might still be sending you messages like a stone in the sea. "

later, Lao Yan really went to see her. after chatting fearfully for a day or two, he carefully asked him if he wanted to go out for a walk.

and this invitation has been around for a whole year. Lao Yan was a little happy when he came back that night. He said that after they had said everything, they had made up again. One of the things that made him feel the most was that neither of them dared to chat with each other, the other was afraid of causing new pain to Lao Yan, and Lao Yan was afraid of bringing unnecessary interruptions to her.

but for some reason, I prefer Lao Yan to get a completely hopeless answer. Because I have always felt that most of the stories in life are not so beautiful.

what is more, Lao Yan does not reply or even block each other's stories. No matter which outcome it is, I have a sentence to say:

"when you are in pain and afraid to talk to someone, the most important thing you should do is to talk to him."

whether it is a surprise, a disturbance, a tragedy or a comedy can only be known by taking a step forward. The hesitation of stopping halfway means that you will never wait for the end and will always be trapped in your own plot.

good night.