Talk about the things that you are most afraid to face during the Spring Festival.

/March 2023

I went home for five days and made a full 13 trips to my relatives' house.

I was woken up by my mother at eight o'clock yesterday morning in the form of lifting the quilt. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and listened to my mother arrange today's itinerary. I was very scared in the morning and in the evening.

this kind of playing strange brush copy to visit relatives and friends is very excruciating, in the game playing strange we will upgrade, but in reality it feels that boss will upgrade.

I asked on moments and Weibo what I was most afraid of during the Spring Festival, and 96% of people were afraid of sudden greetings from relatives when they stopped by.

the most perverse thing is that it is obvious that every time relatives ask the same routine, but every time they go away full of blood and go home close to death.

"Oh, I haven't seen you for a long time. It's really pretty now."

"Auntie Ha really likes to tell the truth."

"over twenty, it's almost time to get married, isn't it?"

"??" Take a cold breath. "now it's mainly about learning."

"so there is no object?"

"… Now, the main thing is to study. "

"would you like Auntie to introduce you to someone?"

"… Now, really, it's mainly about learning. "

"study, right? It seems that the grades must be very good. What is the grade point? "


"did you get the scholarship?" "take the postgraduate entrance examination? Or do you take the civil service examination? " "did you find an internship? How much is the salary? "


the night before last, my mother left me alone and forced me to carry several bags of New year's goods and go to my father's friend's house for tea alone.

I was very nervous and frightened all the way. When I really got to someone else's house, I found that all my worries were necessary.

there is a child at home, lively and lovely. When he saw me, he held out his pink little hand and tugged at my trouser leg: "Uncle, uncle, I want a red envelope."

I didn't have any cash with me at that time, so I squatted down with a smile, touched her head and said, "be good, call me brother."

the child shook his head and replied, "I don't want it." Mother said, you can only ask your uncle for red envelopes, not your brother. "

Oh, there's nothing wrong with it.

this is the most embarrassing part of your twenties. The age between your brother (sister) and uncle (aunt) makes you wander between giving and taking red envelopes.

every time I go to a relative's house, I scream that I don't care, I will take red envelopes when others give me. When the other party really stuffed the red packet over, he kept waving and saying that it could not be used.

when I was a child, when I visited my relatives and friends, I dared to go into each other's home computer and play happily for a few hours when I was too young to understand.

at that time, I liked to visit my relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, and I thought it was much happier to visit relatives and friends than to go to Internet cafes: Internet cafes had to pay money to play computers, and relatives could hold a red packet before they left.

but it's really embarrassing to pay New year's greetings at this age. You can no longer prevaricate with a young and ignorant sentence as before, you have to begin to know how to smile in the face of a hail of bullets, because you are an adult.

Thirteen visits this year, my biggest feeling is that I am really not young.

I went to my brother-in-law's house last night. He has six children and two boys have been hanging out with me since I was a child. I didn't get in touch with each other since I went to college, so my little cousin happily pulled me in front of my newly bought notebook as soon as he saw me last night.

sneaking a glance at the configuration is much better than my laptop with a ppt card.

in high school, he often came to my house to play the computer. At that time, he played a two-man game called "death vs Fire Shadow" in 4399. Three years later, the version has changed from 1.1 to 2.6, with a lot of new characters that I haven't played before.

I used to play this game so well that I wouldn't lose if I sat in front of the computer. But my little cousin beat me four in a row last night. If I hadn't unplugged the power at the critical moment, I would have knelt five times in a row.

after the loss of youth, as soon as the doorbell rang, the eldest cousin waited until 10:30 to come home. My little cousin secretly told me that his brother went shoe shopping with the girl tonight.

laughed, and the inexplicable feeling in my heart was aggravated: the child who used to revolve around me has now become a teenager around girls.

when I was 20 years old, I always felt that I was young, but when the outside world kept tingling, I suddenly woke up: I was almost no longer a student.

for example, ask me when my aunt got married, the child who called my uncle, the updated version and the first cousin of Chunxin.

I held on to my eldest cousin at my uncle's house last night and teased him with a smile: "I hear a lot of girls like you now?"

still keep his head down shyly. I picked the eyebrow and said, "Hey, this tonight?"

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at last he couldn't help it: "… The main thing now is to study. "

the moment I heard this sentence, I froze, and at last I was really confused.

what I am most afraid of during the Spring Festival is not only to visit relatives, but also to remind me in various ways that I am really no longer a child.

good night, uncles and aunts.