The AA between lovers is all pseudo-AA.

/March 2023

so when we started living together, we were looking for a house and buying furniture together, basically sharing half of the money.

it's just that as the relationship gets closer and closer, I order takeout, go out to eat, drink and have fun, and even sometimes I pay for some of the water, electricity and management in the rent.

she doesn't care much, so I'm embarrassed to care.

it's just later, I can't help thinking, why do boys have to pay more?

and the person who pays a little more every time doesn't go so far as to ask "why", but he can feel vaguely that the balance is tilting.

in addition, because we spend more and more time together, we begin to interfere in each other's lives.

this may also be the "dilemma" of many boys:

girlfriend always thinks she spends too much and can't understand why she can't save money.

even though I feel that I have paid more, I want to calculate clearly and ask "why".

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