The end of the year

/March 2023

2016 is almost over, so I have to leave an article for myself and for my readers who have been with me for a year. Since yesterday, Guangdong has finally turned from summer to winter again. In order to write this letter, I did not hesitate to wrap it up into meat zongzi and ran to the bookstore in town with my computer to find an undisturbed corner and reflect on the past. Then type the past into a black number 14 and send it to your mobile phones.

when I was preparing for the beginning of 16 years, an elder asked me at two o'clock at night, "does it make sense for you to write like this?" I thought for a long time, and finally knocked: "if I have 100,000 readers, it makes sense."

but when I hit it, I thought it was an impossible task.

on January 11, 16, I went to a planning company as an intern. Every night I lived in the company's dormitory, which is a remote school dormitory. There are no students in the school because it is still in the winter vacation. In the evening, I took the eel whale and Tong c to liven up the dormitory, which was so deserted that I could not hear a sound, in the name of a topic selection meeting.

during my internship, I wrote an article almost every day. Think about it later, in fact, it is not diligence, just have nothing to do in the dormitory. Boredom is the primary productivity, and dreams are a cover.

then I was fired. Of course, when I asked, the boss did not say "you are too rubbish", but told me that this is the company's policy adjustment. You go back to school and have a rest and come back later. I still remember that evening when I left, I never saw them again before I could say hello to the colleagues I had just met.

I was once troubled by this, when an elder told me that it was the world of adults: only Hello, no goodbye.

in March, I was with eel whale Tong c and VC. Four people went to eat Hunan cuisine and ate almost 300 yuan. I was very distressed, but I still had to be tough: "in the future, I will take you to eat better."

that night, we planned how to get to 100,000 fans and arranged jobs for everyone. I forced them to read books and movies, but a year later, I don't know how many books they had read and which movies they had cried for.

people are like this. they are defeated by their own laziness even though they do not make their plans difficult to achieve.

in May, I went to the Blue cursor Enterprise Open Day, and the last step was the evaluation of the "Best Creative Award". The host said: "in fact, we did not choose the best creative award, because we think that the most creative person, he must be able to convince everyone present." So, if you think your work deserves the word 'best idea', raise your hand and we'll give you a chance to show your work. "

I hesitated for five seconds, and someone on the design team raised his hand. At that moment, a sentence suddenly came to my mind: "if you don't raise your hand, you will regret it."

so I raised my hand, too.

I remember that my first sentence was: "just now all the first, second and third prizes seem to have been given to the designer, so I came here on behalf of the copywriting team." Then he talked about big data, House of Cards and Van Gogh.

Life always has to win a few battles, so that day I won the Best Creative Award, the final card as a prize and earplugs worth more than 200 dollars. I was one of the few students from 2A colleges that day, while most of the others were from 211 and 985.

the earplugs were lost during the summer graduation trip, but the final card is still in my heart. Because it freed me from the shackles of my education, I was recognized by others for the first time.


in July and August, we chose to stay. The original plan was to have a "special training" in writing. But things went against our wishes. In those two months, we didn't know what we were up to. Anyway, we didn't spend much time at school and wandered around outside every day. I held four offline activities in one summer vacation, met more than 50 disorganized readers, and spent several nights reluctant to sleep with most of them.

seems to be free, but the team is full of negativity. It's probably because the amount of tweet reading went down instead of rising during that time, which made me doubt myself. I even went to the backstage to tear the egg and asked Mr. Xiaori, "Hello, I've been following you for a long time." I would like to ask you, what if you have been operating for half a year, but the reading volume has not increased? "

after a day, Mr. Xiao Ri replied to me: "because you don't make users feel useful, but the amount of reading doesn't matter." I asked "why" again, but he didn't reply to me.

it was a tough time. You should have experienced it. The whole world thinks you are living a good life, but you don't want to live a "good" life at all. At this time, you even meet one or two people running up to you, leaving you in a hurry, leaving you alone:

"you have changed."

the decline of that period, now I am embarrassed to say, depressed, just wake up aimlessly every day, and then go to sleep, the blue sky loses its meaning, and the hot pot at night loses its meaning. Until I saw an article, the title was about defeat, but the content was about fighting. There is a sentence that caught my attention:

"Life doesn't mean to knock you down, because it doesn't care about you at all." So you have to learn to fight back against life, even if you get down again, only in this way can you get its attention. "

I don't want to win, I just don't want to lose.

in September, I received an invitation from Beili Pearl Vocational Association to give a lecture. The other party invited us because he participated in the first disorganized offline activity, and that exchange gave him confidence in the disorganized lecture.

really answer that sentence: you never know, youWill be grateful for what I did today someday in the future.

on the evening of September 30, we went to Beilizhu. Just the day before, the 100, 000 fans were welcomed in a mess. If you ask me to give a piece of advice to those who give a speech for the first time, I will tell him to remember to memorize your PPT, it is all the foundation for you to finish your speech.

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I had my first speech, which lasted throughout October and November. In November, I went to three schools, namely, Chengyuan, UIC, and Jida. I'm supposed to be familiar with it, but in fact, the day before every speech, I fall into inferiority complex and anxiety. Because I am always worried that the effect of the scene is not good, that my stem is not funny, and that what I say is not good enough.

after four shows, I found that giving a speech is a very exercise thing. Because it is always unkind, randomly breaking all the confidence you have built up before, and then forcing you to rebuild it again. I know you must find this part of the experience boring at the moment, but believe me, I don't think I will speak to 500 people at the same time for the rest of my life before I am invited.

I hate people who say envy but don't want to do anything. Because everything I do now, a year ago, I thought it was impossible.

it is impossible to become a creator, a hundred thousand fans is impossible, an offline event is impossible, and it is even more impossible to go to Jida to give a speech with WYN.

and the lecture

there is an even more impossible thing.

that is, we not only have 100,000 fans, we have done 15 offline activities, we have given lectures in four colleges and universities, and we have a disorganized office.

I don't know if you remember Brother long, the legendary Brother long, who is extremely substandard in Putonghua in the messy two-year recording. A year ago, he invited me to dinner at school, and then put in the first disorganized advertisement, 500 yuan. One afternoon a year later, I put on my coat, closed my computer and said to Brother long sitting next door:

"Let's go, it's time to eat."

he said, "OK, eat roast goose wrath".

I spent the whole year of 2016 doing countless impossibilities. And these are impossible, in fact, it is more or less related to you, although without you, I will continue to work in other areas, but thanks to your help, I can recover so quickly, get out of the decline and continue to fight with life.

not to say turnaround, but it really changed the course of my life.

so I wrote this article to say thank you. Thank you for not giving up, thank you for your reading time, thank you for your good night, thank you for your likes, thank you, your Vitasoy.

stop saying "impossible" after reading this article, because I think you just don't dare.


"all right, I'm done. It's my turn to listen to you for a year.

"good night"