The first thing of the new year.

/March 2023

if everyone has an inner world, at that time, I was like lying in a pale empty space, feeling very boring.

although they also face their own difficulties and lead almost ordinary lives, those inner worlds are attractive and have a real impact on me.

the first friend,

but in fact, he is a good friend of many children.

Cuntou, black short sleeves and Martin boots, reticent, and when his friends sat together chatting and laughing, he drank quietly with a colored tattooed arm, as if to say, "Don't talk to me."

he is very gentle. Once he accidentally spilled mineral water on the corner of my clothes. He was so frightened that he quickly pulled out the paper towels and folded them layer after layer on the corner of my clothes.

later I learned that the reason why he looked so dignified on the first day of meeting was that he was worried about how to tell a lively and interesting historical story.

when he goes to work, he wears a white long-sleeved shirt or a loose long-sleeved sweater to cover the tattoo.

he said: "tattoos are just a hobby, it doesn't mean who I am."

finally he shrugged his shoulders and said easily, " but I can't give up doing something because of the bad environment. What a pity." "

to be honest, I was so handsome by him at that moment. He is willing to use his own way and have what he likes at the same time, he has a kind of courage that most people lack.

the second friend,

, but she is actually a popular singer in the circle.

I thought she would be bored. It wasn't until a colleague party that I realized that she was really a KTV Mac, not just a microphone snatcher, but a really nice one. When she sang "unfortunately I'm Aquarius", she was exactly like the original singer Yang Qianli.

my colleague asked, "who ordered the song? Why don't you sing? "

I still remember that the eyes of my colleagues in the pupil earthquake thought they were playing the original song.

she said: "to some extent, when singing to everyone and receiving everyone's cheering, let her find another parallel state of life: she is no longer just a mediocre office worker." but people like Xingguang in a small circle. "

she smiled and said, "I'm still far from it, and it's enough like me now. I don't really want to take risks."

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after listening to her, I don't think it's a pity. On the contrary, thinks that she is the one who really thinks seriously about what she really wants to live, and accepts it from the bottom of her heart.

the third friend,

, is actually planning to resign.

but when I thought he was going to be "stable" like this, he said, "I'm planning to resign."

his dream is to become a receptionist at the age of thirty.

in his mind, it was the overall and systematic integration of the life of beauty.

when I listened to him, I couldn't help exclaiming, "Wow, it's so advanced."

in the end,

whether it's knowing what you really want, or not being afraid to find a solution to the conflict, or planning to leave the original path earlier and restart your life, it all reminds me to have a good conversation with yourself.

your true self may be different from what the environment requires;

or it may surprise others, a far cry from the stereotype of you.