The magic animal is in the pot.

/March 2023

where are the fantastic Beasts, written by JK Rowling, was released a few days ago, and there was a wave of moments and Weibo browsing on the best part.

I don't know if you have seen it. I haven't seen it myself. I'm interested in this movie because of the jokes on the market: for example, Bei Ye of the Wild Survival, holding an artifact knife that he can eat with his own head, asked, "where are the magical animals?"

my friend also shared a brain hole on Weibo, which is very interesting. The blogger is: effectively improve armpit hair bifurcation. The name

makes me feel a little ashamed. That day, after bloggers and gay friends saw where the magical animals were, they remembered that Rowling seemed to have said that there were schools of magic in every country in the world, so they posted a Weibo post to record their brains about the China Academy of Wizardry.

I have excerpted some interesting clips in it:


the teacher of the ten alchemy class always deducts my points. I don't understand why. Until one day, the teacher couldn't stand it. Several students from Guangdong please stop eating teaching materials. Thank you. During the National Day holiday, students in Sichuan and Chongqing should no longer use alchemy stove to hit hot pot. Thank you. Please stop booing and stop making herbal tea or soup in class. You can't make sugar water either! Not even 12 pots of rice!

the highest praise for comments is @ class horse: "Guangdong classmate: magical animals in the pot".

this is a very interesting brain, and the big reason we laugh is that it vividly pokes the regional label, such as the hot pot in Chongqing, Sichuan, and the obsession and habits of Cantonese food.

"tags" are everywhere, not only in regions, but also in people, such as green tea bitches and fat people. The company also has tags. Xiaomi is called a diaosi machine. Samsung's tag this year can only be closely related to "blasting".

some people say that everyone likes to label, and this is an era of collapse.

I don't agree. In the final analysis, the act of "labeling" is "classification". No matter what era it is, classification is the most convenient way for people to recognize things.

I once introduced a girl to my friend Afa. Because it was the first time to meet him, Afa was so nervous that he asked me, "what's the character of the other person?" What kind of boys do you like? What should I do? "

I patted him on the shoulder: "Don't worry, the other party is a foodie, also good-looking, silly sweet type." When I finished saying this, A Fat had a rough outline in his mind and knew what to say.

in order to make Afa understand each other's attributes quickly, I use tags like "foodie" and "silly White Sweet", which are enough to let Afa get the information he wants quickly.

if I don't use tags, I may need to tell a lot of stories to reflect the queen's character from the side.

We live in an era of extremely rich information. We meet different people every day and need to analyze different things and draw different conclusions.

and "tagging" can quickly reduce the steps of our information processing. If people lose the ability to label, we need to spend more energy on communicating.

A lot of people do the behavior of "tagging" every day, and interestingly, we often hate it, too. The word "how to avoid" appears on Zhihu's search for "tagging". "Why does everyone like it?" and so on.

this phenomenon is not difficult to understand. "labeling" often occurs at the same time as another emotion, that is, "discrimination."

Regional discrimination may be the first to think of. Henan is the first to bear the brunt.

if you open the Baidu entry and enter Henan people, the following associations are: "Why Henan people have a bad reputation", "the origin of Henan people stealing manhole covers", "Henan people stealing manhole covers".

from regional tags to human tags, it is even more dazzling: dead gay, plastic surgery, material girl, pretty boy.

We hate these tags because they all have a common feature, which defines a place and a group of people locally.

finding a rich boyfriend is called worshiping money, and good-looking is called pretty boy. These labels are really scary and can even destroy a person or a place.

it is said that when the train passes through Zhengzhou Station in Henan Province, the following broadcast will be broadcast on the train: "next we will pass through Zhengzhou Station. I hope you will keep an eye on your belongings."

but there is nothing wrong with the act of "tagging". It is also tagging the region, and "magical animals in the pot" will make people feel funny and pleasant.

the annoying things are those tags that are partial and full of malice. In other words, we do not like to be labeled with such an one-sided or even unreasonable label, and we are denied our complete self because of some small details.

apart from labeling to others, there is another way to label the region, and that is to label yourself.

this kind of behavior is most common in moments, sending travel photos to show that they are people who love to travel, sending photos to reflect their interests or aesthetic appreciation, hypocritical words to reflect their frustration, and so on.

I sometimes wonder, what is the purpose of most people posting moments? What is the purpose of deleting moments? And then I.After thinking about it, the function of posting moments is probably to put a tag on yourself for others to preview.

so some people will be careful and think about it on moments, and will modify their "tags" by deleting them.

Our black semi formal dresses will make you feel at the top of fashion. These collections perfectly match all occasions.

but over time, some people realize that this kind of behavior is not so good, so less and less content is sent on moments.

interestingly, this behavior of not sending anything is also being labeled, which shows that he is not in cahoots with the world.

I don't criticize this kind of behavior, because I belong to the category of "not living with the world". I like to delete my moments and often modify them.

it's just that sometimes it's really boring. You see, it's hard to avoid being labeled, stupid, loved, and yourself when you're alive.

I think of a sentence that makes sense: "when you buy a nice and beautiful plate is not to set up a plate and post a circle of friends, when will you learn to really love life?"

sometimes we care too much about what kind of label we think we are in the eyes of others, so we are furious at empty labels such as "pretty boy", "green tea bitch" and "idiot".

but as mentioned earlier, tagging is only an outside analytical behavior, and it is ourselves who really determine the essence.

I am from Chaoshan. When someone says "Chaoshan boys are very male chauvinist", I don't feel angry or want to refute anything. The person who spreads this label is abhorrent, but when his conclusion is far from the truth, it will only be disdainful.

finally, I would like to change the above sentence to the end: when we no longer care about those unnecessary labels, when can we really love ourselves.

good night.