The reason why I choose to live together before marriage is:

/March 2023

it is very strange that in the eyes of the mother, cohabitation is tantamount to self-love, cohabitation is waiting for premarital sex, cohabitation is equivalent to no one wants after the breakup.

but now, I don't know if it's because of emotional stability or because I'm almost 24 years old.

and I've been living together for a year, and I want to share some feelings with you:

first of all, if I don't live together, I didn't know my boyfriend could be so clean and dirty at the same time.

he often mops the floor, but he doesn't care about the dust that accumulates every day because of static electricity on the TV screen;

he often vacuumes our dog's dog hair, but does not return to its original position after the vacuum cleaner is charged;

he often basks in the quilt in his room, but leaves so many water stains in the sink that do not brush off.

these are small things, of course, but I like everything to be neat and clean, so sometimes I feel really bad.

but I forgive him for thinking that he is already more diligent in doing housework.

if we don't live together, maybe in my eyes, we will only see his shortcomings and ignore his efforts.

our friends

all know that we have two dogs.

many people have dogs because of cohabitation, and many people abandon dogs because of cohabitation and marriage.

I once wondered whether the person around me really liked our dog or took care of it dutifully just because he liked me.

I actually don't like forcing others to do things they don't want to do, so I've struggled with this problem many times.

it's not easy to keep a dog. It takes a lot of energy to walk the dog, feed, disinfect, shovel, wash the balcony and play with you every day.

and when all this became his habit, what he would do every day, I suddenly found the entangled question very boring.

it doesn't matter whether he does this because of me or because he already likes dogs.

you know, when you are passionately in love, your life is to eat good food every day, and to live together is to buy food and cook and wash dishes every day.

I am disappointed in myself who gave up the opportunity to get to know each other better.

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