The song that I care about most this year.

/March 2023

Today's moments have been scanned by the music calendar of NetEase Yun Music in 2016.

when I first saw the test, I was just curious, but when I saw my music calendar, I was suddenly stunned.

"on January 10, 2016, probably a very special day, Wang Zepeng listened to Hello Nico's" what's next "76 times."

there is a special story hidden behind this calendar, and at that moment, I suddenly thanked NetEase for doing this: to remind me of those somewhat special moments in 2016 in a musical way.

I can't wait to listen to the screenshot of "what's next" 76 times and sent it to my moments with the words "very scared".

in fact, I have long forgotten what I did that day, but I still remember why I listened to this song.

at that stage, I deleted the Wechat of the girl I liked. I didn't tell her why or say goodbye to her.

even my good friend Zhou, I didn't mention it to her. Because I feel that this is my own decision, even if I am very sad, I am not qualified to show this emotion.

at that stage, I laughed very hard, but in the evening, when I was sitting in front of the computer alone, without watching movies or playing games, I blankly circulated the song "what's next" from six o'clock to 12:00 in the evening.

my roommate said I was as lonely as a dog at that time.

there is a lyric in "what's next": you don't know how to be honest with what you want until you start to hate yourself.

I love this lyric. I think this lyric is full of my own shadow.

at that time, I dared not face the emotion that I liked her, so I chose to run away. But when I really left, I hated myself more and more, and it was at that moment that I realized what I really wanted.

in those particularly difficult days, apart from the messy articles that accompanied me, this was the only song left. I kept listening, asking myself, and fermenting that emotion.

in fact, I have long forgotten that distant emotion, but today's music calendar instantly brings back all my memories. In fact, the person we love is hidden in our favorite songs. When I think of the song, I also think of that person.

what makes me feel most today is that the people who left at that time met again. I said in my tweet last night that I finally found someone I like. Yes, she is.

so after so many things, I have listened to "what happens next" many times today, so now she has a preference for a lyric:

No one can predict the future, who likes it, and who likes it.

Zhang Jingzhi shared his ten most common songs today, with the caption: "one song, one tweet".

the eel whale said that the song she heard the most, more than 200 times, was "I don't have a boyfriend yet." NetEase mocked her for so long, and now she finally found her in Yuanxia.

A Zhou listened to songs for more than 12 hours on 11.28, the first anniversary of her breakup with her ex-boyfriend.

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in fact, listening to music is really a lonely thing: a person with a pair of headphones, even walking in the street where people come and go, no one knows what you are listening to.

but at the moment of collapse, sadness, isolation and abandonment, it was the music that made me feel accompanied.

then I realized that listening to music was lonely, but in the process I fled the world I didn't like, and then listened to others sing their own feelings through songs that I loved deeply.

then, stay with yourself and comfort yourself.

after posting today, seeing so many people sharing their music calendars, I always think that people are actually sharing their loneliness and hidden stories.

some loneliness will slowly get better, and some loneliness won't. Play a game tonight and tell me the song you care about most in 16 years, and the person who is hiding this song.

waiting for you. Good night.