The synthesis of big watermelons gave me the courage to face difficult problems.

/March 2023

it's just that it's hard to deny your own results.

on the other hand, people cannot accept that they are a "bad" person.

comfort belongs to comfort. The fact is that people inevitably have self-doubt if they eat too many bones.

but you always feel like you can't look at yourself anywhere.

and those of us who are used to exams all know that difficult problems don't come until you say, "I'm ready."

this side has just been killed by the chief editor, and the cooperative client there also said that the manuscript needs to be greatly revised.

I stared at the computer screen for a long time, but my fingers still couldn't type half a line.

but it does cut your courage to "solve the next problem" by more than half.

if you have done so badly, you have to go on.


but there is no way to make the big watermelon appear.

at that moment, I found that the feeling of "powerlessness" can be so specific:

you know how many fruits you need to make a coconut and a cantaloupe.

then watch the fruit step by step beyond the warning line under its own operation until the end of the game.

but you know very well that no matter how much objective interference there is, the result is the result, which has to be borne by yourself.

20 minutes later, I lost 4 strokes and still couldn't see a big watermelon.

No one can help you solve your own problems.

finally synthesized "half"

that night I worked hard and pressed the screen for nearly an hour.

in reality, my "big watermelon" did not appear, and the manuscript document is still blank.

but just as the fruit falls, I seem to have formed a habit--

but I still try my best to control the final position of the fruit falling so that they are closer to becoming a big watermelon.

Yes, we should not use the "effort" of the problem-solving process to cover up the "failure" of the answer.

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We should not use the "failure" of this game to cover the possibility of "winning" the next game.

but at the very least, you keep the chance to get close to it in the next game.

even if I still don't know if I can get the right answer to the next puzzle.

but I still have the courage to press the start button.