The troubles of single dogs often come from the imagination of lovers.

/March 2023

A few days ago, a person was quietly reading in the corner of the office. When he came out to get water, he came across the intimacy between Yuanxia and the eel whale, so he pretended that there was no one around and walked forward without squinting eyes.

after walking a few steps, I saw Brother long and LiLi smiling together to discuss where they were going to eat tonight. They entered a room with a glass of water without expression, and Zhang Jingbao complained about their couple who were so sweet.

after a while, the thorn looked up and said, "what did you say?" I was just talking to ViVi. " I rolled a white eye, he suddenly sighed: "I do not know why, may be because there are many people in love, always feel that you are particularly miserable, there are a lot of troubles."

I touched my chin and said seriously, "in fact, there is only one problem for single dogs, and that is concern and greetings from couples and elders."

the first priority for college students is to study, while the first priority for single college students seems to be single. Even as soon as you get close to the opposite sex, people will think that you are trying to get out of order.

the consequence of this atmosphere is that I have great embarrassment and helplessness when making friends with the opposite sex.

in fact, being single doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the atmosphere of "love first".

Zhang Jingzhi often jokingly mocks my single dog with no one to chat with.

when I was staying in Guangzhou, I forgot to bring my charging cord. When my phone was turned off for more than a day, Zhang Jingzhi mocked me and said, "it doesn't matter, Zepeng, no one will be looking for you anyway."

I was indifferent to his sarcasm. As a result, I turned on the phone the next day, and no one was looking for me. At this time, the thorns on one side suddenly thought of something and sighed: "Mom suddenly envies you. No one scolds you all day without reason." If I don't reply to my ViVi messages for one day, I'm definitely dead. "

losing contact for no reason is a capital crime between couples, and I, a single dog, often "reply with my mind". A Zhou also angered me countless times. After each scolding, he would add: "if you were my boyfriend, I would definitely break up with you."

another interesting thing, Thorn posted a Weibo a few days ago, asking why people only comment on me but not on him. Mu Yi replied: "in order to avoid my girlfriend's anger."

the first big benefit of being single is the sharp drop in chat costs. I don't have to go to great lengths to stay up in the middle of the night like far summer and send hidden love poems with eel whales, nor do I have to try every means to coax back ViVi when quarreling like a thorn.

the only thing I need to do is to make myself happy. It is much easier to coax yourself than to coax others.

the most ridiculed moments for single dogs are birthdays and holidays: new year's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day blabla.

when talking about what to do on Valentine's Day, I laughed and said, "I don't understand why there are so many Valentine's days in the world." Then the summer inexplicably blew up with me: "I don't know, it's torture."

seeing the puzzled expression on my face, the eel whale said sympathetically, "what lovers hate most must be Valentine's Day." Yuanxia nodded viciously: "because I don't know what to give for Valentine's Day, I have had nightmares for three or four days."

"Why don't you guys pass?" "No!" The eel whale and Yuanxia gave each other a ferocious look.

recalling my own Christmas, New year and various festivals, because I have no one to treat well, I am extremely comfortable and happy, without the legendary feeling of loneliness.

shamelessly follow the couple for the holiday as a light bulb, gather together a large group of friends to play hot pot on New year's Day, and a group of players eat a big stall with a smile on their birthday. It's not romantic, but it doesn't bother.

there are countless couples who quarrel because they forget the day or do not have a good holiday. The holiday seems beautiful, but it has become a pain between couples.

single dogs can play with the holidays, but most couples have to succumb to the power of the holidays.

some people say that the greatest advantage of being single is that you don't have to reply to messages at any time, you don't have to coax each other's freedom, and you don't have to be afraid of losing your stability, but in the eyes of couples, this is actually a kind of happiness in disguise.

when I sent this article to several lovers this afternoon, they all replied proudly: "I just like it, can you manage this single dog?"

but banter comes back to the essential difference. Couples used to be single, and the reason for such a big change is that the sweetness of love dilutes the pressure of reality.

in other words, it is not clear enough to distinguish between primary and secondary.

there was a friend who worked as a designer before. After falling in love, his work was not very smooth, because his indulgence in his lover and being on call made his time cost extremely high. Once he has two hours to sit down and design ideas, he really wants to solve all kinds of problems in a short time.

this impatience has affected his original performance. Childish love breaks because it doesn't know how to be patient, and mature love breaks down more because of reality.

of course, it doesn't mean that couples are at a loss. It's just that the amount of information and dilemma surged in an instant when you developed from thinking about one person to thinking about two families.

the biggest advantage of being single is that I am more relaxed and comfortable when I walk on the road. I can do what I really like to do and make my hobby a lover.

but people like to brag about their feelings more because couples and singles are happy in exactly the opposite form.

the happiness of intimacy, sweetness and tiredness between couples is distributed on the surface, but how sad and unbearable is there behind it.Quarrel, only couples know.

on the other hand, single dogs seem to be alone, even causing a kind of natural pity and heartache, but the freedom and happiness of being single are always hidden behind the noise.

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this kind of happiness is only known to single people.

there are a lot of single dogs who like to say that they really want to get out of blabla, but you let the people who scream the loudest to fall in love, and he suddenly becomes picky again.

couples advocate getting rid of singles, and sometimes they feel sorry for being single. Single dogs advocate getting rid of singles, and sometimes they are self-deprecating and pitiful.

I never persuade people to pursue love, and I don't like to tell others how beautiful love is, not because I reject love, but because I feel from the bottom of my heart:

being single is good except for having no sex.

but there is no sex life, at least there is a nightlife, go downstairs to eat midnight snacks. Good night.