There are a lot of things your parents know.

/March 2023

unlike in high school, when I went to college for winter vacation, the more I went to college, the more reluctant I was to go home too early. For example, I was cooped up in the office with Zhang Jingshi this year, using "work" as a legitimate reason, and I had no choice but to pack my bags and go back a few days before the Spring Festival.

I seem to have forgotten the feeling of looking forward to the holiday a month in advance, buying tickets in advance, packing, saying goodbye to friends the day before going home, missing this semester and looking forward to the next semester.

recently I have been thinking that there may be two reasons for "I don't want to go home". One is that when I get home, my existing circle of friends will not go back with me. There is another one, because my parents are so annoying to me.

from the night I came home, my mother asked me doubtfully, who was the man who drove you back? You probably don't know that there is no concept of "Didi" in a small county. I spent a long time explaining to her what "Didi" is. I called a ride back from the station, and that person was the owner of the car.

she asked again and again, "Why did he stop so far from home?" Why do you want to be a driver in such a good car?

I just got home at that time, and with patience and tenderness, I explained to her, "I will not fall in love with a middle-aged man," like the people's education version of "100,000 Why". She finally believed half of it.

I didn't think it was just foreplay. Three days later, my parents began to act as Sherlock Holmes in detective dramas. My mother was smart to direct the brain, and my father was an action scout.

in those days, I clearly noticed that when I was on the phone in my room, my father passed my room more frequently. The problem is, they live on the second floor, I live on the fourth floor, and pass by my room? Something's wrong.

I turned on the anti-reconnaissance mode, made a phone call, locked the door first, then went into the bathroom, locked the door, double guarantee, that's good enough.

the day before yesterday, when I called and came out of the bathroom, I found that the door of the room that had been locked was open, and there were some clothes that had just been collected from the balcony on the bed, and there was a brand new set of spare keys on the door of the room.

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clothes all over the bed are like a silent demonstration flag, which exists to tell me, "Hey, you think I don't know anything, but I know everything."

once people have something they want to hide, doing everything is like doing something wrong, like hiding a failed math test paper in primary school, secretly talking about qq with the little boys who have a secret crush in class. I live under their noses, but I think they really don't know anything.

for a while I wondered why when I was single, my parents disliked me at home every day and complained that I didn't go out with my friends. They wanted me to go out more and never ask questions about my friends.

but, it's different every time I fall in love. I used to come home at more than 11:00 in the evening and go to my mother's room to tell her I was back. as a result, she began to ask,

"where have you been today", "with whom",

"how much did you eat", "who paid the bill",

"where is her home?" "what do her parents do?"

I pretended to be calm and made up a standard lie question and answer model, and I couldn't help wanting to escape. She had never been like this before, and the person she wanted to know was not "her" at all, but "him".

I don't know why they know, and they never pierce, just tempt, hint, and beat around the bush as if nothing had happened.

I seem to have forgotten that they probably came the same way.

during the summer vacation of high school, my sister's mood became very gloomy. she didn't talk much, didn't eat much, and didn't like to go out. We used to spend three minutes fighting and five minutes quarrelling together, but we quarreled very little at that time.

even if I didn't change my pajamas, she couldn't seem to see the taboo of lying directly on the bed and entering the room in my outer shoes. At that time, I thought to myself, "Oh, no, I'm possessed."

in those days, my parents stayed at home less and stopped scolding us. They were very gentle. One day I went to the supermarket with my mother, and on the way back, she suddenly said to me, "Don't quarrel with your sister recently, let her go, she's in a bad mood."

I bit the straw on the boxed strawberry milk, turned my head and asked her, "Why are you in a bad mood?"

Mother sighed, "I think we broke up."

at that time, my sister had a boyfriend who had been talking about for seven years. I thought I was the only one in the family who knew the secret.

this reminds me of Nobita. Nobita since primary school, there is a picture hidden in the drawer, framed, is a ponytail, compared to stupid scissors hands, is not very good-looking girl.

Last Spring Festival he came home and took this picture out of the drawer when he was cleaning up the room. his mother passed by the room, walked in and asked, "the girl in the picture, you have been here for so many years, but you still don't want to lose it."

Nobita was surprised that his mother knew this girl existed.

"when you were in the third year of junior high school, you cried so hard that you freaked us out. You thought we didn't know." his mother told him with a smile, as if she were telling an interesting story about her son's childhood.

when he thought about it, he realized that the picture frame, which had been in place for so long, never seemed to be stained with dust.

this is what Nobita told me. I have told this story. The stupid girl in the picture is me.

there are many things we can't let our parents know. Even when we do our homework and watch TV dramas, we have to close the door and talk to others on Wechat at the dinner table. We dare not smile casually for fear of being over-interpreted.

We failed the exam, we stole money, we fell in love, we were lovelorn, and we thought we were like a movie queen with excellent acting skills and a flood of psychological emotions.

but in their eyes, you are probably just an idiot who has mastered a little tricks.

when it comes to the winter vacation, I start to complain about my parents again, complaining that they keep talking about stupid topics at the dinner table, asking for trouble, and that I don't even know what my major is.

I always remember that in "Please answer 1988", the heroine's father once said, "virtuous, my father is also the first time to be someone else's father."

I've been blaming them for not understanding, but I never seem to give them a chance to understand.

in order to deal with these annoying relatives during the Spring Festival, my circle of friends blocked them all a long time ago. Sometimes I want to share my joy with my parents, but every time I hesitate, I still pull them into the blocked small group.

the other day my mother told me that her mobile phone might be broken and wanted me to fix it, because my cousin could see my circle of friends, but she couldn't. After she finished, the way I repaired it was to block my cousin.

I don't know if she knows. Now when I think about it, maybe she does.

recently, I feel that we are a little strange now that we have told so much truth to the people we like that they can't understand them.

told a lot of lies to their parents, but they understood.