There are three questions that can not be answered in our relationship.

/March 2023

after all, she often forgets things and likes to wander. She carries a card in her pocket and feels more at ease wherever she goes.

but embarrassingly, I couldn't answer the whole card except for gender and address. (the address is still because I want to receive express delivery.

and when I ran to ask my grandmother, I obviously felt her loss, and I don't know if she felt my guilt.

this is indeed a pity. I have a lot of feelings with the old people in my family, but I ignore the understanding of them.

in order for you to know more about them, I have prepared some very simple questions today that I want to see if you can't answer them.

Note: please answer the following questions quickly within three seconds.

I really don't remember the question.

but I remember that Grandma celebrated her 70th birthday a few years ago, so now it should be in her 70s. Isn't that nonsense? )

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but to tell you the truth, she may not know how old I am.

after all, as the leading figure of the neighborhood committee, she works every day and cares for the whole street, but not for me.

until some time ago, she suddenly wanted to enter Douyin and needed me to teach her to accept "the edification of new culture" by hand.

I know Grandpa's favorite is the Imperial Palace.

when I was very young, my grandfather said, "the backbone of the Imperial Palace is the backbone of Beijing." when I would ask, "what is the backbone?", he already gave a free explanation in the Forbidden City.

but when I really grew up, left home and went back, I found that my grandfather had not been to the Imperial Palace for a long time.

he doesn't know who the imperial concubine is or who Wei Liulu is. He is deeply troubled by these problems.

although these characters really bring a lot of traffic to the Imperial Palace.

but Grandpa is too old to get familiar with a problem before another TV play appears.

so my regret is not that I don't know what he likes, but that I can't do anything for him.

what's more, I never told him that I also like the Imperial Palace.