Watch a movie in your name

/March 2023

when I was very young, I always liked to haunt my mother, asking her why my name was "Wang Zepeng".

the reason why I am so obsessed with this problem is that I think this name will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I hope my parents will be responsible for my name.

later, my mother was so annoyed by me that she honestly told me, "your name was actually changed later." You used to call Brother Wang, but the fortune-teller said there was a shortage of water in your life, so you changed it to Zepeng. "

Oh, Brother Wang. Sure enough, my parents didn't intend to be responsible for my name in the first place.

since then, I have had a faint obsession with names.

the prettiest name I've ever heard is in a Weibo post shared by Miss No caller.

Mother's name is Hua Nian, and she died the day the twins were born. The father, surnamed Wu, finally named the two children Wu Yixian and Wu Yizhu, because "Jinse, why do you have 50 strings, each string is reminiscent of the golden year?"

when I heard this, I thought it was really beautiful, which is why I like Chinese names very much. Compared with Europe and the United States, Chinese names can contain feelings and stories.

my name is flat and unemotional, but the names of some disorganized editors are very interesting.

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Zhang Jingzhi's "the name itself is angular", the eel whale's "there is a sea under the bed", and the distant summer "spring is far away but summer is unknown". We can all feel their temperament, stories and feelings from these names.

you see, names are sometimes more than just code names.

my name is so ordinary that I should even say Bad Street. In the Chaoshan area, many people are called Zepeng, and even the young lady who did not call said that there were several "Zepeng" around him, and the frequency was so high that I once rejected my own name.

every time my article is posted, someone asks me backstage, "Oh, are you Wang Zepeng from somewhere?" or "I also have a friend named Wang Zepeng" blabla.

an embarrassing thing happened because of my name in high school, when a group of friends and I were walking on the road when suddenly a murderous female voice came from behind me: "Wang Zepeng, you fucking stop!"

this murderous spirit was so close to my heart that I couldn't help stopping, thinking crazily about who the voice might come from whom I was sorry.

look around, stay, what a beautiful girl. But I didn't know her, and she wasn't calling me, skimming me and killing another guy in front of me.

my friend stabbed me with a smile: "they are all called Wang Zepeng. Look at their blessings."

at that time, when I looked at the boy with a lot of good fortune, I suddenly had a strange idea: I suddenly wondered if the guys in the world who were all called Wang Zepeng had done anything. I, Wang Zepeng, have never done something that I really want to do.

duplicate names are very common. For example, when I was growing up, I knew several Liu Chang and Jiaxin.

the lulu of the activity Department, also called Jiaxin, once made a wish on her immediate departure: to find someone else named Jiaxin and take pictures.

finally she got her wish, and when I asked her how she felt, she said, "actually, I used to hate my name." But when everyone got together and saw so many jiaxin, I was suddenly a little moved by my name.

later, I was very glad to be Jiaxin. I always felt that there was something going on, and I finally got a lot of different stories because I couldn't hide a story in my name. "

whether it is me or Jiaxin, we have all rejected our common name and that it has no story. But in the end, because of this popularity, we have also experienced a lot of interesting stories.

your name is coming out. I don't know if you have ever heard of this film. It tells a story that can't remember the names of important people. Miss no caller said: "this is a movie about believing in the future. I hope you can watch this movie with important people."

I'd love to find someone to watch it with, but I just don't know who I'm looking for. After telling Miss No phone about this, she had an idea. She said:

I would like to invite someone who has the same name as me, or someone with a similar name, to watch this movie and do something fun.

We are always looking for people who are important to us, but unfortunately, we always don't know where they are and who they are. We don't know what fate will do. in that case, let's make a bet.

betting on what our names have in common is the first foreshadowing of fate in our lives.

in reality, fetters always start with "Hello, my name is so-and-so", starting with the name and then later. Everyone's name is the beginning of a relationship, this time, I want to follow this beginning, with a special way to find that important you.

not coming to the cinema this time is more like an invitation of fate. I hope that on that day, everyone can say to the people around me, "I think I've heard of you somewhere."

the fourth issue of not coming to the cinema: your name

1. Activity time:

December 3, 2016 (Saturday)

viewing time is 2~4:30pm

2. Venue:

Guangda Bigao Film City, Nancheng District, Dongguan City (3 /F, Xiping Carrefour)

3. Number of activities:


4. Movie ticket price:

20 yuan /person

Registration method: click "read the original text" at the end of the article, fill in the form, and the miss who does not call will choose 100 names to follow us.If we go to the cinema together, we will be notified of payment before 24:00 on December 1st.

listen carefully:

1. The deadline for registration is 20:00 on December 1st

2. Those who are unable to attend due to their own reasons after successful registration are non-refundable.

3. Be punctual and don't be late.

Why don't you come to the cinema to watch this issue?

1. After its release in Japan, "your name" has exceeded 19.4 billion yen at the box office, ranking sixth in Japanese box office history. Douban score 8.9, 56.3% of the people played five stars (highly recommended).

2. In this issue of "not coming to the Cinema", we will pair you with another person with similar or the same name, so that you can do some interesting things together.

so the more people you see, the more people you attend, the better the name match. If you can, move generously to your moments.

3. You can take a name and a story and leave your name in this issue of not coming to the Cinema.

4. You will have a chance to get to know a person or even a group of people with names similar to yours.

finally, three more reminders:

1. If there is anything else you don't know, you can add Miss Wechat (DgMovieLife2016) to consult. Please also successfully purchase tickets to add Miss Wechat, we will pull a "do not call the movie party" offline group to facilitate communication.

2. Click "read the original text" to fill in the registration form. Miss who does not call before December 1 will tell you whether you have successfully signed up.

3. Today, a reader will be selected from "Vitamin Milk" and two tickets for this event will be given out.