We don't have to forget that bad relationship.

/March 2023

this is the first ring in my life, worn on the middle finger of my left hand.

I still remember that at that time, I studied with my girlfriend every day whether the ring was too small.

my girlfriend, who has the experience of wearing a ring, calmly answered my entanglement: "it will be all right in a few days. I can see that it is someone who has never worn a ring."

but then, even after half a month, the swelling was gone, and no one asked me about the ring.


when you first confirm it, you always think about whether it is appropriate or not.

it wasn't until I found out that no one cared, "Oh, no one wants to care about my personal problems at all."

but today is not about "confirming a relationship", but about "forgetting a relationship".

so this ring follows me 24 hours a day.

whether playing basketball or swimming, whenever I need to use my hands, I will take off the ring and put it in a box.

that is to say, when I am used to "wearing a ring", I am not used to "not wearing a ring".

the trace itself is meaningless, it just reflects the fact that when you wear a ring for a long time, the skin wrapped in the ring will have little chance to come into contact with the sun, so it will be whiter than anywhere else.

not wearing a ring for half a month.

to be honest, the beginning of that half month was tough. Although people won't ask you why you wear the ring, people close to you will certainly ask you why you don't wear it.

A good friend of mine from high school even secretly sent me Wechat after an afternoon tea: "did you break up?"

even my girlfriend questioned me, asking me if I was going out on a secret date before taking off my ring on purpose.

so in that half month, even if I could unconsciously confirm whether I was wearing a ring or not, others were reminding me that I had worn a ring.

so even if the ring is gone, I can't deny that I've ever worn that ring.

the relationship that once existed is like the rings we have worn.

because its effect on you already exists, and it exists on the skin that you can't hide.

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but the truth is, the more people say that, the more they care about the story.

I know it, of course, because I've been through it, too.

if you want to forget a relationship in the future, just focus on "don't forget".

Don't forget how you hurt others or how you were hurt by others, why you chose the wrong person, and your hesitation before deciding to stop the bleeding.

so if you can, don't encourage yourself to forget.