What do you want to do most before the end of 2016?

/March 2023

maybe it was when I passed a school bakery last night and bought a cheesecake. After I bought the order, I found that there was a Christmas tree in the shop. Maybe it was when I walked into the boutique today and found that the color in the store was getting warmer and the red element was much more. Maybe it was also when I had a hot pot dinner in the evening, and it was hot on the boiler all the time. I suddenly remembered, right, it's December again.

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I quite like December. It is obviously a cold winter, but I feel inexplicably warm. I don't know whether it is because I was born in December or the Winter Solstice in December, Christmas and New year, all give me a reunion atmosphere that "we should be together". Maybe it is because it is too cold that we can find an excuse to huddle together to keep warm. At the end of the lecture at Jinan University in the evening, Zepeng asked me, what do you most want to do in the last month of 2016?

I said, what has not been done in a year, can it be done in December? Later, when everyone raised their glasses at the dinner table to wish a happy ending this year, I seriously thought about the question of "what do you want to do in December?"

I threw this question into the editorial group, and they quarreled.

@ eel whale

there is an unhappy day in December. Since middle school, history books have told us that we must remember this date and never forget it. This date is December 13. National Memorial Day, the victim of the Nanjing Massacre, is also my birthday in the national calendar. Since childhood, my classmates and friends have told me that it is not very good for you to set your birthday on this day. Let's celebrate the lunar calendar. And then I told them, "Ah, the lunar calendar? But it was the anniversary of my grandfather's death. "

they will look at me strangely, even if I am not responsible for these two unhappy days at all. But there is no way, in order not to deal with this embarrassment, I can only choose to remain silent, hoping that it can pass quietly.

I remember that one year, it was the coldest day of the year. When I went out in the morning, my mother put a 100 yuan under the hot kettle on the table. I picked up the hot kettle and drank it. I put 100 yuan in my wallet. I didn't say anything. I know, it means that today my mother will go back to pay homage to my grandfather, and I need to solve the food problem by myself. "it's fine, it's enough for a luxury meal."

after school that day, I went to the western restaurant to pack a spaghetti with meat sauce and a cup of hot black tea. Do you know why you have to pack up and go? Because when a person goes to a western restaurant, he looks so lonely that he doesn't look like me, but as long as he takes it home, he can find a sense of belonging on this day. When I got home, I closed all the doors and windows, put my hand on the kettle to warm up, touched my ears, then turned on the TV and turned it on to the Emerald Channel. The TVB series was turned on as loudly as possible, pretending that there were a lot of people around me.

in fact, I am not sad at all. This day seems to be a ceremony in December. I received some birthday messages, replied thanks, and then hid in bed early and said, "get there early. Good night." Every year I promise myself that I will buy myself a gift as a reward this year, which may be as simple as finding one more person for dinner, but I have never realized it.

if I'm going to do anything in the last month of 2016.

I want to seriously prepare a gift for myself. It doesn't seem to make any sense, but it's a ritual. I need something substantial to tell me that I haven't treated myself badly in the past year.

@ Wang Zepeng

this afternoon, I found that the family crowd had hit me. I thought it was something big. I clicked on it and found that it was my sister who said she had changed her cell phone number.

I didn't reply anything. When I was about to close the crowd, I scanned the last chat record out of the corner of my eye. It's a voice from my mother, and there's a little red dot next to it, which means I haven't clicked on it yet. It's on November 16th.

when I saw the news, I was stunned for a moment. After careful calculation, I found that I hadn't called my family for more than two weeks.

it's ironic. I'm always trying to persuade others not to say anything and talk more from the bottom of my heart, but in fact I'm the one who is the most silent.

with guilt, I opened my cell phone log and found that I had only called home 29 times this year. On average, I only make two or three calls a month.

I clicked on the voice sent by my mother 15 days ago: "Peng, I see you want beef hot pot in your moments, but beef is not easy to send. Would you like me to send you some beef balls?"

I looked at the lonely voice and scolded myself several times. I wondered how sad my mother was waiting for a reply at the other end of the screen.

I called my mother in a hurry, and the phone was answered almost in seconds. The first sentence was: "remember your mom?"

I asked her sheepishly what the weather was like at home and how was her health.

my mother said, "everything is fine at home." You haven't called all the time, have you been busy? Pay more attention to rest, don't get sick, go home and take you to eat beef hot pot. "

I was silent on the other end of the phone for a long time and blamed myself. I can't help but ask myself, am I really too busy to make a phone call?

one of the things I most want to do this December is to call home a few more times and say hello. I have warmed a lot of friends, this time, I want to warm my family.

@ Yuanxia

Zepeng asked me in the evening, "do you have any regrets this year?"

so I began to think about what happened all year. After showing a movie in my mind, my answer was: my biggest regret this year is that I was too bad for myself.

I remember that every time I was ready to go back to school from home, my mother would say to me: "Take good care of yourself and don't let your mother worry. "

I will also go over and hug her, pat her on the back and say, "Don't worry, I'm so old enough to take care of myself."

but I don't have it at all.

I pay great attention to detail, but I spend most of my time taking care of others.

for example, last week I made an appointment with my friend to take the bus early in the morning. After the meeting, I saw that his lips were dry and there was no wax on his head. I knew he must have got up late and missed breakfast, and then secretly bought him a piece of bread.

for example, eel whales treat me like Doraemon every day, because I always have paper towels, rubber bands, makeup remover wipes, warm babies, charging wires and all kinds of things she needs in my bag. I think I have to take care of her.

but as for myself, there are only a handful of times I go to bed before two o'clock in a year, and it is also difficult for me to eat three meals on time, so that this year I am losing weight, my health is getting worse and worse, and I always feel like a dog will be with me at any time.

pin your luck on koi, place your future in someone else's chicken soup, and pin your life on "Please be nice to me in December", but it doesn't work at all.

to be nice to me, I should first of all be myself.

it's December, at least it's the last month of the year. My wish is simple: I hope I can take good care of myself, eat on time, and don't stay up late.

it would be great if someone could take extra care of me.

finally, I want to give today's ending to the editor. Because he seems to be very interested in this topic.

hi, I am the thorn.

I am on the highway at the moment, and I just had a sharing meeting with "WhatYouNeed" and "floating melon winter cicada" in Jinan University in the afternoon.

looking at the street lights on both sides, I began to wonder what I did in November.

one book, 26 tweets, three lectures. First Dongguan City Court, then UIC in Zhuhai, and then Jida this afternoon. I made a PPT of no less than 200 pages and wrote a speech of more than 10,000 words. I didn't fall asleep until three o'clock the day before each speech. To be honest, I'm so tired. I'm so tired that I don't want to do anything in December.

but those who don't come to the cinema the day after tomorrow, double Twelve, Christmas and New year's Day, are coming to us non-stop.

but the first semester of my senior year seems to be leaving with 16 years, and the word "graduation" seems to be getting closer and closer to me. So, no matter how tired I am, I can't willfully reject the things that push me forward.

so, if you ask me, what is my greatest wish in December?

I can still run, and I can run a little faster than those who chase me behind me.

as for you, although setting up Flag seems to have become a boring thing, we should still keep our expectations for the future. Because only in this way can we have the courage to face the difficult times that come and come again and again, and we can continue to look forward to the scenery behind this terrible wall.

Flag, which stands and falls again and again, can be embarrassing, but it's better than wandering around for another month. You know, 16 years have been muddled by us in this way.

good night.