What does affection determine?

/March 2023

A reader at Beijing normal University shared with me an interesting thing that happened in their school song contest a few days ago.

an original group called CBD91 was eliminated in the first round. But after the competition, they persisted in singing all the songs they had prepared for the competition on the north stage of Qiu Jiduan, not for the rankings or awards, but for a small feeling in their hearts.

another contestant named Wang Jingchi stunned the audience with a song "Wukong" in the rematch and got the highest score in the first round. However, when the top three competed for the top three, he sang a "father" who was out of his mind but not suitable for scoring points, and the last lyric was changed to: "Father, I love you."

No one knows why he made such a choice, and everyone is a little sorry, because if he changes to songs like "Wukong", he will certainly win the championship, but at the same time, people's eyes are filled with tears because of his feelings for his father.

for a competition, the singing of the CBD91 group after the match had no effect on the result, and Wang Jingchi's "unwise" choice directly led him to miss the championship.

but it was this kind of "uselessness" that moved countless people that night.

this is the charm of emotion, which is in conflict with reality.

emotion cares about emotion, while reality cares about reason.

emotion is actually the key to distinguish Homo sapiens from Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens can make fire and use utensils, and they are wise, but we will not call them human beings, because they have no feelings.

the first person with feelings may be Nu WA, she felt that the world should not be so lonely, should not be so boring, so she created people. After that, every myth and legend is full of feelings, such as Kuafu chasing the sun, Jingwei reclamation, Dayu flood control and so on.

but the interesting thing is that today's society is becoming more and more dismissive of feelings.

it is clear that feelings are the greatest progress of Homo sapiens towards human beings, but people begin to attack "feelings" in turn. A typical example may be Luo Yonghao, where there is a hammer phone, there will be a voice like "feelings are useless, it is better to lower the price".

and people have this idea because they think that feelings are the product of a certain degree of material basis, so they will attack, life is overwhelmed, and talk about fart feelings.

but only those who are rich in materials have feelings? Du Fu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, was as famous as Li Bai, so poor that he starved to death. Can you say that he has no feelings?

it is a feeling that the aunt of the vegetable market cut a dime, that she is complacent, that she does not hesitate to run dozens of miles for good food, and that she resolutely does not work when she is in a bad mood.

even, in a sense, it is affectionate to work only for the mortgage all one's life.

feelings are made up of many factors such as one's knowledge, thinking, experience, and so on, so as long as a person has information to communicate with the outside world, he must have feelings.

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what people really attack is not the feelings themselves, but those feelings that are higher or lower than their own spiritual level, such as some people can't understand du Fu's poems about starving to death, and some people can't understand the happiness of the vegetable market aunt.

when we talk about feelings, it's always easy to think of another word: dreams.

both look dreamy, emotional and similar, but the difference is that dreams are where people want to go most, while feelings determine the composition of a person.

for example, a person's dream is to become a doctor, but if he does not save lives, the feelings of the doctor's parents, but obsessed with "red envelopes" and social status, then his inner component is only a businessman.

this is also the reason why I hate most contemporary domestic creative works. Today's filmmakers, animation producers, and new media people, in the final analysis, are just businessmen.

not to mention Guo Jingming, who has been black all his life, not to mention the children's cartoons broadcast by radio and television in recent years, let's talk about fairy TV series. Chinese Paladin 1, which was released in 2005, was released 11 years ago, but in these 11 years, there are few fairy TV dramas that can be compared with it.

every producer, with the feelings of a businessman, invites popular fresh meat to look for gimmicks, regardless of the fact that he is producing garbage.

the terrible thing is that the masses pay the bill, because in the final analysis, there are a large number of people who simply do not care about the true connotation of the work, and their feelings are only extreme emotions and beautiful appearance.

but is this sentiment really valuable?

Blizzard is a well-deserved game dynasty in the world. World of Warcraft, which opened in 2004, is still golden and priceless. Why?

there is a small detail that may explain. Blizzard has set up an employee award to thank employees who have served the company faithfully for several years. The souvenir of two years is a water cup, five years is a sword, ten-year shield, 15-year ring, and 20-year legendary employee souvenir is a helmet.

No one else can understand this non-substantive reward, but every employee loves it. Because Blizzard's employees are game-loving players, this reward pierced their feelings.

conversely, it is precisely because of this feeling that Blizzard has become a dynasty in today's gaming world.

in fact, there is no right or wrong between the feelings of Blizzard and the feelings of merchant creators, but these two feelings determine the composition of their works, making them walk on two very different roads without looking back.

if one wants to live clearly, one must first think about what his feelings are and what his ingredients are.

when Luo Yonghao was teaching in his early years, he liked to speak "beside the subject" and encouraged students to think independently and attack individual phenomena in society. In the endHe founded Niubo to spread the value he found useful; after he failed to communicate with Siemens about the quality of Siemens refrigerators, he went to Siemens headquarters in Beijing and angrily smashed three faulty refrigerators; and Fang Zhouzi on Weibo, reprimanding him for his double standards in fighting counterfeiting; and now, make a hammer phone with your feelings.

many people say that Luo Yonghao has been crossing the border all the time, but it is not difficult to see from the above that he is indeed a sentimental person, and it is this feeling of "pushing society forward in what he thinks is a better direction" that has brought him to this day.

back to ourselves, what are our feelings? What are our ingredients? Is it a machine that muddles along? Or an arrogant poet? We all know the answer.

finally, let's talk about the feelings of Beijing normal University at the beginning of the article. If CBD91 didn't sing loudly in the corner and Wang Jingchi chose a difficult song, they wouldn't be as moving as they are now.

the choices of the two are similar, and they prove the same thing through different behaviors, that is, they are singers, singers who express themselves in music.

because this is a very valuable thing, when feelings collide with reality, we are always faced with a choice: whether to compromise or not.

compromise makes no distinction between right and wrong, but once people compromise more times, the feelings in our hearts gradually seem less important, and in the end, we will never be what we wanted to be. More importantly, when we graduate, there are plenty of opportunities for compromise, because at that time, the choice becomes a choice.

so, before graduation, I suggest you continue to have feelings. In the midst of compromise and persistence, persist one more time.

and Caitou said: "in the long journey to the ideal, there is a fixed number of times people make compromises for reality." Beyond that number, people will no longer fly. Fate wrote on the ticket: do what you really want to do before it's too late. "

I hope you feel disorganized and different today. Good night.