When a boyfriend wants to peek at your phone:

/March 2023

but I didn't do it, because I always felt that "peeking" was not a glorious thing.

so when she came out of the bathroom, I asked her, "do you want to see my phone?"

while wiping her hair, she smiled and said, "who doesn't want to see your partner's cell phone?"

"how about we play a game and exchange mobile phones for a day?"

at ten o'clock in the evening, we officially exchanged each other's mobile phones for a period of 24 hours.

We can't wait to enter each other's other world through an electronic device.

Open her Wechat, the message is just some work exchanges, occasionally chatting with her best friends.

there is no content that surprised me, but the content is surprisingly insipid.

so much so that I fell asleep when I opened her last social app Weibo.

maybe she fell asleep because of the boredom of my phone, but she didn't come out of the bedroom to call me back.

it was a Wechat reminder that woke me up.

my phone vibrates in the early hours of the morning, and every finger I hold on to it gets nervous.

it takes courage to even feel that it takes courage to open a message on a girlfriend's phone.

but I opened it anyway.

at the moment of clicking on the message, I saw a picture of a boy and a line of meaningful text:

"how's that going?"

six words plus the time of arrival of the message is enough to make people think about it.

this may be the case with people. Just the first sign of a little thing you care about is enough to make you fantasize about all the worst outcomes.


while I lay next to her, all I could think about was "that thing".

what should I do if the boy hasn't sent the next message within the specified time of the game?

at the thought of this, an inexplicable sense of fear swept in.

turn on the phone screen every few seconds, and the sweat in my palms tells me that I can't wait any longer.

so I woke her up and asked, pretending to be indifferent, "someone just got the news. I'm afraid it's urgent."

then hand him the phone and wait for her reply to me.

maybe I've been together for too long, and by the time I said this, she was probably aware of all my emotions.

she said confidently, "A friend of a travel agency."

I just looked at her and said nothing.

she looked at my expression and knew that this explanation did not dispel my doubts, so she operated her phone for a while and handed it back to me.

when she got her phone back, her phone screen showed a Weibo secondary account I had never seen before.

maybe everyone has their own secrets in a relationship, but no one knows that these secrets can inadvertently affect each other.

she doesn't know, and neither do I. We only know when we are discovered.

maybe my suspicion hurt her. after she handed me the phone, she just dropped the sentence: "see for yourself."

I didn't explain it, because I think normal people will be suspicious when they see the news.

I can't wait to start flipping through her Weibo secondary content.

however, it is found that almost all of them are retweeting lucky draw messages.

"Why are all Weibo lottery winners?" I began to blame myself, trying to ease the atmosphere.

"take a good look again."

so I looked through it again and found that under every lucky draw Weibo she forwarded, there was a comment I gave myself.

"if I win this prize, I will give it to him."

"if you can win this, the money saved will go to eat Japanese food together."

she snatched the phone in my hand and said, "are you done?" Give me back my phone. I'm done playing. "

if you start to doubt, the worst result may be mutual disappointment.


after the game was over that day, she asked me sleepily, "do you really need proof to like someone?"

I don't know how to answer, so I can only ask her, "Don't you need it?"

she said, "maybe, but we chose the wrong way."

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I wish you a prize

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