When buying sanitary napkins, you don't have to put them in a black bag for me.

/March 2023

I smiled and asked, "what if I let you buy sanitary napkins for me?"

I have some feelings at the moment.

but always avoid the packs of sanitary napkins on the top.

so that time I asked my boyfriend curiously, "do boys mind?"

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just like at this moment, the female colleague sitting next to me put a pack of sanitary napkins on the table, the most conspicuous place, unsheltered, just like a pack of ordinary paper napkins.

I think the gender concept has really changed over the years.

I admit that this change is spiraling.

so when I walked out of the house dressed as "missing my lower body" the other day, my father asked in horror and anger, "Why don't you wear pants?"

I remember clearly the anxiety and helplessness on my father's face.

remembering the strange saying, TK once said:

at the same time, someone in the barrage sent out the classic lines from the melting pot:

I think, probably like TK, like my dad's idea, it's all very simple--

I was confused for a while, until I saw a message at the bottom of an article. (I have forgotten which article for too long)

just like now, we have a lot of new ideas.


surrounded by people who are more open-minded, they don't think dink is selfish, they don't think that women should take care of their families, and men should have a successful career.

and my dad? Will I accuse him of being unwilling to pick up sanitary napkins because "everyone thinks that sanitary napkins are an ordinary commodity"?

just like in society, there are still many people who have different views on different ideas because of their different growth trajectories.

I often see ideas or opinions that criticize "old feudalism" because they feel like they are in a "new era".

"you've gone to college, you've come to a first-tier city, and you're going back to get married and have children?"

Tsai Kang-yong once said: "the meaning of exotic work is to push unmainstream ideas to people in need and give them courage."

ideas collide to create "more" choices, not "better" choices.