When does it make you feel like you don't like the wrong person?

/March 2023

Light Rain in Guangzhou today, I was writing in a coffee shop at the west gate this afternoon. I was sitting by the window. A man and a woman stopped outside the window. They didn't seem to notice me on this side of the glass.

I couldn't hear them, but the girl leaned forward slightly, frowned, spoke fast, and poked the boy with her index finger from time to time.

the boy with glasses did not move, did not speak, but frowned, and occasionally tried to raise his hand to appease the girl, but drooped in the fierce offensive of the other side.

when they are more and more noisy, when they are emotional, the girl rips off her headband and lets the tied ponytail fall down to express her anger.

then the man with glasses hugged the angry girl into the alley at the corner of the road, hugged her with open hands, and stroked her long straight hair with his right hand.

the hug looked powerful, and the struggling girl gradually quieted down, reached out to respond to the hug and rubbed her cheek against her shoulder.

I saw a smile on the girl's face and found that she was very good-looking and had a pair of tiger teeth when she smiled.

well, I spent 20 minutes watching a couple quarrel at the window. I even dragged him next to me to watch it with me. It was boring, and we just held our chin and watched the quarrel in silence.

when they left, I asked him, "Why do people always see each other's mistakes when they are in love?" There is a dark cloud over his head, and his face is getting ugly and old. Isn't there a moment that makes people feel that they don't like the wrong person? "

so I wrote this question on my computer. When does it make you feel like you don't like the wrong person?

once I went to Guangzhou to take part in an activity when I was ill. That day, there was a cold wind and heavy rain. I changed my manuscript all night in the cold wind, and as a result, my fever got worse in the early morning.

at that time, he was in Dongguan, and the only message he got was that I was sick and I was still rewriting on the street. I didn't have a specific location, and then I was cut off.

at that time, I had a lot of complaints about him, similar to the "complaints" made by most girlfriends, such as eating and drinking Lhasa cell phone, having no idea of what to eat and where to go, and when you were sick, he thought that you didn't need to see a doctor. If you are unhappy, you will always feel that you are unreasonable.

and, of course, that night, when you were most in need of company, the other person was absent for no reason. I even began to wonder if I was looking for the wrong person and that we were not suitable at all.

so I muted my phone, ate two amoxicillin randomly in my hotel room, and went to sleep.

when I woke up at 07:20 the next morning, I turned on my phone and saw 36 missed calls and 18 new Wechat messages.

he arrived in Guangzhou from Dongguan at three o'clock in the morning. I didn't know whether to go to the south of Guangzhou or the east of Guangzhou. the driver took him around two places before taking him to Ximen Square in Yuexiu.

in the end, he was alone under 10 ℃, looking aimlessly on the rainy street all night.

We got in touch the next morning, and when he appeared in front of me, he was pale and trembling. He only said a word to me and collapsed.

he said, obviously, you are too weak to leave me, but now I feel that I can't do without you for a moment.

half a year ago, I said in "how long did it take you to give up on a person?" I once waited for "people who won't come" at the railway station in Chengdu all night. I called 26 times that night in exchange for the sentence "overslept" the next day.

it also rained that day, and I was finally willing to admit that I had made a "mistake". It was time to let go, so I bought a train ticket for the return trip.

when I was waiting for the bus, I wrote in my notebook, "it seems that since childhood, I have been on a rampage, living in desperation for others, falling, bumping, and forgetting what pain feels like."

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that night in Guangzhou let me know that I finally escaped from being "so humble that I even despised myself" and walked into the desperation of others.

falling in love is a bit like us coming home from winter and summer vacations. if we have 30 days off, we will probably be treated like dignitaries in the first three days, and the next 27 days are mostly complaints from our parents, as well as our own laziness and boredom.

people are always prone to inertia in long-term relationships, which can lead to lack of communication and complaints.

We complain that the other person is always checking their cell phones, complaining that work is more important than ourselves, complaining that we can't empathize with others when we are sick, and even feel that we have "found the wrong person". We subconsciously regard "breakup" as a task point, and whenever there is anything wrong, be sure to mention the breakup.

then ignore the surprise they spent two months preparing for your birthday, warming their hands in the cold wind, protecting you while crossing the street, never cooking but learning to cook porridge for you, no cleaning detergent and detergent, but silently washed your clothes marked "not machine washable".

when did it start? we forget that we never seem to fall in love for the sake of "when to break up".

passing by my mother's room the day before yesterday, I saw her wearing presbyopic glasses to look at a pair of jade rings that Dad proposed for a long time.

it is said that my grandparents opposed her marrying my father at that time. At that time, many people chased my mother. She chose my father, a silly boy like a bull. For a time after marriage, she also complained, doubted her choice and fantasized about other possibilities.

but after giving birth to the baby, the idea suddenly gave up. I asked if it was because I was tied up by the baby, and she said no.

she said that she remembered that when she came out of the ward after giving birth to my brother, all the grandmothers and aunts gathered around to hold the baby. Only the father stayed in front of the hospital bed and asked him why he didn't go to see the baby. He said, "I don't know him very well. I still like to play more with you."

each timeMy mother still laughed happily at my father's stupidity. Although there was no mention of love and it was not that creepy, it was the sentence "I want to play more with you" that made her feel, "it's silly, but fortunately, I found the right person."

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when does it make you feel like you don't like the wrong person?