When I received the loan message from my father:

/March 2023

I don't know if you've ever seen adults do something wrong.

counting this time, I have seen it on my father three times.

at first it was an affair, then it was a loss in the stock market, and now it is because of "speculation" that acquaintances have been pulled into a scam.

almost all are certain mistakes, but his so-called "dignity" keeps him from admitting it.

at the same time, my hand unconsciously touched the cigarette case in my trouser pocket, my eyes flashed and my ears were red.

therefore realize that home is not necessarily a "safe haven" in that stereotype.

"borrow five thousand first, and I'll pay you back after the New year."

finally, I added a voice: "Don't tell your mother."

especially "he doesn't want my mother to know", I expected it for a long time.

this is why I have been used to wandering outside for a while after school since junior high school.

sometimes when my classmates leave first, I sit alone under the bus stop sign and watch "sprout" and "Story meeting"

the only thing that can give me a break is that bus stop.

"you have to be angry. Your sister is still young. When her parents get old, she still expects you to read."

Isn't it marvellous and exhilarating to find a stunning consignment prom dresses for your event? Our large collections of collections are second to none.

also know the meaning of "hope", which means that they have given up part of their meaning and responsibility.

is not "do not want to hear", but "dare not listen".

and the mistakes made by big people never seem to need to be forgiven. all we can do is secretly reduce points to them in our hearts.

in the end, they have only one identity left.

I'm just trying to make myself worthy of my "family" status.


have also met people who are completely opposite to my situation.

A roommate in college made a half-hour phone call with her father every week.

once asked her how she could talk to her family for so long.

I just learned that her father (the prosecutor of a certain place) was usually busy, so he was finally transferred to a holiday. If he wanted to take the family on a trip, he discussed with his roommates where it would be better to go.

I guess my expression at that time was not natural, and I was afraid of showing timid envy.

because at that moment, I found that my roommates who get along well with each other are two different kinds of people.

although we have too much overlap in our grasp of the present and our plans for the future.

but in the final analysis, the reasons for our efforts are not the same.

the General textbook for the Civil Service examination on her desk tells me that she has to work hard to catch up with her parents.