"when we get through this period of time, we will meet." ​

/March 2023


since the outbreak, there have been many similar differences in the family.

from the beginning of "whether to wear a mask", "whether to eat out", to "store materials", "disinfect with alcohol", and now "when to open the file".

almost every time, I can stand in a standoff with my father for a long time.

but in fact, I know that we are not unreasonable people, just like he wants to open the stalls in the tenth year, but also because food and beverage has not been easy to do in the past few years, he is worried that the money will not work for a while, and the shop will close down.

and I know that my father smokes for a long time and his lungs are not good, so I don't want to put him at risk of infection.

it's hard to say which one is wrong, but the more "you think you're right", the more likely it is to disagree.

when I was angry, I also sent a Weibo asking: has everyone quarreled with their families because of the epidemic?

although it wasn't long ago, I was afraid that they would be upset when they saw it, so I secretly deleted it.

but dozens of likes under that Weibo post tell me that this may be a problem that many people are facing right now.

then I feel a little relieved. It turns out that many people have tried their best to express their nervousness to the people around them.

but it is hard to avoid some helplessness, because obviously, most of the "nervousness" has not been correctly understood as "caring".

and the process of misinterpretation may be the struggle that we ordinary people feel in the whirlpool of the epidemic.


before my boyfriend and I left Guangzhou, we put our cat in the pet hospital.

the day I sent him, I told him not to worry. I'll be back to pick you up on February 1st.

but because of the sudden arrival of novel coronavirus, the company postponed work, so we had to reschedule our return trip.

I don't know if the cat has any idea of the date, but I think it will be very frustrated that it didn't wait for us on February 1st.

plus the best part of the recent return trip, I discussed with my boyfriend whether I should go back early.

but he thinks that there are many confirmed cases in Guangzhou, which is too dangerous.

this "forget it" means that my heart is in such a mess that I have given up to express it.

it was only then that I felt that "the more tense the environment, the more difficult it is to accurately identify my emotions."

it may be a bit hypocritical, but I do think that even in this environment, no one wants to hear the imperative "don't go out."

"We'll meet when we get through this period of time."


after knowing the date of my return to Guangzhou, my mother looked at the calendar and asked, "Don't you want to stay a few more days?"

before I could answer, she pointed to another day and said, "your father's 58th birthday."

now it seems that many parents do not pay enough attention to it because they are in a weak position in receiving information.

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because in front of many major events, it is not a single person, but a family, or even a region.

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