When your boyfriend starts to be afraid of your mother.

/March 2023


when I was bored at home, I thought many times about who I would meet after the end of the epidemic.

must include people who have been thinking about it, as well as those who have not yet had a chance to meet.

the latter, which I think about most, are the parents of my boyfriend.

think about what I should look like when I meet them for the first time.

when I go to their house, maybe I'm afraid of leaving footprints when I go to the bathroom, washing dishes, worrying about too much noise, and paying attention to neatness and evenness in cutting fruit.

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but it wasn't until I recalled how my mother got along with her boyfriend that I realized that his parents must be afraid of something, too.

I would probably deny it before. After all, there are still good words such as harmony and thoughtfulness above "fear".

author /Li Xiaoqi

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