Who says you must throw away your memories?

/March 2023


Peach is my neighbor, a nostalgic and affectionate girl.

this description is affixed by herself, and she is always very keen to label herself, and then deliberately do something that matches this kind of label.

for example, I miss my former days in my moments, such as storing a lot of things at home that I don't think are useful at all, whether it's finished candy jars, burnt candle cups, or a bunch of effective cosmetics.

once I accidentally found five identical bottles of foundation in front of her dresser, and I teased her when she started a WeChat business.

she said: "I was recommended by a friend some time ago, so I hoarded five bottles in one breath, but I didn't expect to find that this foundation was too difficult to use after only a few times."

as a straight man, I can't understand this kind of consumption behavior of a little girl: "you are very strange, it is obviously not suitable for you, neither change hands nor give it away, do you want to put it in front of the dresser as an ornament or pretend to be a seller?"

"you won't understand the idea of reading an old girl." Peach was a little angry, lost a word to me, and then went on to ignore me with the Gunda model given to her by the row of predecessors on the playing cabinet.

I don't know why she did this, but obviously these things will only bring her unnecessary trouble and trouble.


A while ago, I was just studying Yamashita's "separation". In this book, Yingzi advocated that people should "cut off things that are never needed and give up superfluous waste. Get rid of the attachment to things."

if I were to understand the behavior concept of "break up", I would write:

1. Whether to take oneself rather than the object as the protagonist

2. Whether this thing is most suitable for you now

as long as it does not meet the above two criteria, both things and things should be eliminated without hesitation.

after that, I thought I had mastered the essence of "breaking up", so I scoffed more at peach's behavior, thinking that she was worrying about herself at all.

so I went to her house again and tried to convince her with the "break-up" I believed in, but she ignored me and just continued to stroll around her Taobao.

"are you living for yourself or for things? Can you throw away all the past that only bothers you? You have no idea what you need now, okay? why don't you take my advice? " Her indifference made me a little angry, and she threw out three questions like shells.

that day we broke up again because of this incident.


when I went back, I told the eel whale about it with resentment, hoping to get some recognition and comfort from her.

she didn't answer me, but silently found a whole box of guitar picks in my collection, picked out one of them, and threw the whole box into the wastebasket.

my first reaction was, of course, furious. I went to the wastebasket to pull out the pick box and asked her, "what are you doing?"

"isn't it your favorite to break up? what's the use of keeping so many picks? there's only one piece left for normal use, and several of them have long been broken."

at that moment I was suddenly unable to say anything, so I had to hold back a sentence after a while: "then I see what you mean."

it turns out that the "separation" that I have always understood is too narrow. Yes, what Yingzi wants us to do is to get rid of useless things in order to sort out our own lives. But the line between "useful" and "useless" is only clear to yourself, and no one else can define it at all.

most of the time, people can't understand why we don't want to get rid of things that they think are "chicken ribs", even though they don't have much value in themselves.

Get ready to shop the perfect royal blue formal dresses for your wardrobe? Your dream garment is just a mouse click away.

but for the owner of the object, what he is reluctant to give up is not the object itself, but the memories carried in the object and the self reflected in this memory at that time.

in the eyes of others, there is no difference between these picks at all. From a "practical" point of view, it is true that only one piece is enough.

but no one knows which of my pickups was the first one when I started learning guitar, which was a commemorative edition given to me by my good friend, and which was a limited signature edition sold by my favorite band.

just like I learned later that the foundation that stuck with powder was bought by the aggrieved peach who had just entered the workplace with his first month's salary. I didn't expect that the row of peaches on her cupboard was made by impatient and impatient peaches in three days and dropping pillows countless times.

those things that are reluctant to be abandoned may all contain special memories. Forced "separation" is not a perfect solution. What we should do is to guide them to embrace tomorrow's life with memories, rather than just throw it away.

but this kind of thing is easier said than done, so I decided to start with peach foundation-on her birthday, I gave her a HomeFacialPro hyaluronic acid solution, which is what people call "activation artifact".

▲ it is the original HomeFacialPro hyaluronic acid solution, which can be called "activation artifact".


the composition of hyaluronic acid is an energy monster in itself. the most magical way to use this hyaluronic acid solution is to drip it into water, essence, lotion, cream or other skin care products.The efficacy of the product has been further enhanced, originally can only double the absorption of skin care products can be doubled and then doubled to be absorbed.

just like we went through the tutorials and worked hard to steam a fish, we found that only a drop of steamed fish soy sauce could make the fish taste sweeter. The same is true of the wisdom of using hyaluronic acid to "activate" skin care products. People who don't know about it are far away from the mountains and know the familiar path of a person's light car.

giving this hyaluronic acid solution to peaches is a great thing. Just drop a drop in the peach foundation to activate them all and become less "chicken ribs".

peaches not only do not need to force out the foundation that is not suitable for them, but also become better and more beautiful with them.

but then again, the peach still looked dazed when he opened the gift box that day, which was what I expected. Because HomeFacialPro is relatively small in China, not many people know about it. But in fact, it is very popular abroad, Instagram is often recommended by the top people, is the preference of many female stars, even major fashion magazines will often appear its figure.

if you are also a rookie who has never bought the original solution, it will be your best choice in the high-purity concentrated solution that can be obtained within 100 yuan.

in addition to the common use of foundation or before applying a mask, it has many other uses.

▲ users post pictures and activate chicken rib skin care products, and one drop will have an unexpected effect.

I don't know why, obviously I am a boy who never uses cosmetics, but someone always tries to plant some inexplicable grass for me. HomeFacialPro this brand, I am also a long time ago by the girls friends science Amway, their products are mostly developed in cooperation with foreign laboratories, and the repurchase rate is very high. This hyaluronic acid solution recommended today is one of the best-selling items.

its composition is very simple, with only hyaluronic acid and other effective moisturizing ingredients, which are purified by Freda (Freda is also one of the raw material suppliers of Shiseido and SK-II). The GPMC certification of product production is very complete, and it can also be put on record in the FDA.

it is worth mentioning that the concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market is generally 1 ‰, but the concentration of this product has reached 3 ‰, which can meet the higher moisturizing demand. This means that other products need to drop 3 drops, while this original solution can achieve the same moisturizing power by consuming only 1 drop.


in fact, no one can completely forget what happened in the past, saying "break up" repeatedly, even if the immediate memories are lost, it is only a kind of escape.

this kind of escape may make you forget those memories temporarily, but when they are suddenly remembered by you one day, they will blow your life to pieces like a long-buried bomb.

instead of deceiving yourself by throwing away the chicken ribs that represent memories, it is better to embrace them and take them to the future to become a better self.