Why do some people post on moments but don't reply to chat in private?

/March 2023


there is a kind of person around us who suddenly stops talking to him in the middle of a chat. He struggled in his heart for a long time, wondering if his cell phone suddenly exploded, whether he had been accidentally kidnapped outside, or if he had lost his memory after a fall. After staging a hundred plays, he suddenly found that the other party had posted a moments.

at this time, our emotions are often very complicated, if it is serious, we will be very angry, why can't you just tell me "you are busy"; if it is small chat, we may be a little lost. I don't understand why the other person has time to post on moments but doesn't have time to deal with himself.

I posted a WeChat moments the other day: "what do you think of people who have time to post moments and then don't reply to your messages?" In just half an hour, many people expressed their anger in this moments.

A small number of friends say that although they know that this kind of behavior is not easy to accept, they still do such a thing sometimes. After I asked these people carefully, I found that it was not easy for some people to reply to some people's private conversations.


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Jordan is a very beautiful girl who can take pictures even as a host. in addition, studying in a polytechnic school with a serious gender imbalance, many boys like to hang around her, and people on Wechat come to talk to her all day.

soon, Jordan found a problem: "Don't you think a lot of people can't talk at all?" Some boys are so exaggerated that they ask you directly if you have a boyfriend through your friends. As soon as some people open their mouth, they want me to take some photos of him. I really don't know how to reply to these messages.

there are other people who always like to express how good they are, what competition champions, what dozens of books a month, ah, but not to mention that they have won three good students in primary school. What do you want me to reply to this kind of message? Reply wow, is that good? "

at this point, Jordan rolled his eyes vividly. She said she didn't reply to other people's messages because they were not worth replying to.

on the other hand, the suspense of friends is the opposite of Jordan, who responds very seriously to all private conversations, but the other day he secretly told me that he really wanted to be the one who "went to the moments and didn't reply".

because every time he has a private chat with a new friend, he is very nervous. He is afraid of chatting to death or making the other party uncomfortable. Because they are new friends, they don't know each other's language habits, so that Daxuan is always careful and chooses a meme for a while.

"sometimes I want to leave in the middle of a conversation, but I don't know how to say it. I'm sorry if I don't reply, but the other person will feel your carelessness." With a sigh, "the more you value talking in private, the more tired you feel about talking in private."

there are many similar examples above, so it's tiring for two people who don't know each other to talk about it in private.

people should keep looking for topics, appear interesting, and take care of each other's emotions. It is even more excruciating if you meet someone who doesn't know how to talk at all. So gradually, Daxuan felt that private conversations with strangers were not only not interesting, but also felt a lot of pressure.

"some people think it's impolite not to reply to a private conversation, but has anyone ever thought that it's more impolite for some people to talk about it in private?" After he finished, he shook his head and continued to reply to someone's "what a beautiful day today".

this reminds me of Jordan, although people will certainly think of her as aloof, and even can't help complaining about her "Why?" But if you give me a choice, I don't want to become a very tired old man like Daoxuan.


I knew Ah Mu online for more than half a year, and I never talked about her in private, because I didn't know what to talk about, and I was afraid of being embarrassed, so later, when she didn't talk to me, I breathed a sigh of relief.

but when she posts some interesting photos and stories on moments, I often comment on them. For more than half a year, I communicated with her almost all through moments and group chats.

this kind of communication makes me feel very comfortable. I don't need to think about the topic or throw words on purpose. Everything is very natural. No one will hold a grudge whether she didn't reply to me or I didn't reply to her.

you know, the pressure of sending moments is much less than that of private chatting. The whole action can be completed after a short paragraph of text and a few pictures. All the subsequent comments and likes don't take a lot of thought. And talking in private is a long road that doesn't know the end.

although some people think that this kind of like acquaintance in moments is not what he wants, to be honest, if your chat skills are not so good that every sentence can make the other person tremble and take the liberty of talking to someone in private, it will only increase the pressure on others. If you don't handle it properly, the relationship between you two will become very awkward.

and I don't know since when, I often see screenshots of various chats in my moments. Although most of the screenshots are posted just to be funny, many of them are for tearing. Obviously talking in private is a matter for two people, but it is made public at will. I don't think I will do anything wrong, but I always feel strange.

Today is fine, tomorrow is fine, but next year, we have seen examples of using chat records from a year ago as evidence of guilt.

so posting on moments is much less stressful than chatting in private.


before I posted the article, I suddenly remembered a question, so I went to Jordan again. I asked her, "by the way, do you have that kind of friend you reply to no matter what they send?"

without even thinking about it, she told me, "of course there is. Although I am tall and cold, I am also a normal person, okay?" At that moment, Jordan took me for an idiot. I just realized that, in fact, everyone who does not reply to other people's Wechat, they are also normal, they also have that "as long as it is you, I will always be online" friends.

and they selectively ignore certain messages simply because they feel that the information is worthless and not worth a visit. Another possibility is that you make the other person feel that it is not a pleasant thing to chat with you, and it seems impolite to delete friends, so you have to pretend not to see your message.

it's not that I don't reply, but I really have nothing to talk about.

so before condemning others for not replying to you, why don't you think about what you haven't done well enough?

understand each other. Good night.