Why wayward girls can still be liked by many people.

/March 2023

because he didn't let me go out alone at night, and I was used to relying on him.

even the friends around me can't even look at it: "aren't you so crazy?"

but what they don't know is that my capriciousness and dependence are not boundless.

once my boyfriend is busy at work or in a depressed mood, I will consciously not look for him and give him room to be alone.

when I quarrel with my boyfriend, even if I can't help but put down such cruel words as "moving out tomorrow".

but if we don't want to lose important people, we can only limit this side to each other's principles.

it's like playing badminton, it doesn't matter if you miss the serve or miss the ball.

but if the other party always deliberately hits the ball out of bounds, that's another problem.

what girls want to learn in love is not blindly "sensible", but selective "capricious".

Don't guess your temper, it's better than saying nothing.

Ten minutes later, my girlfriend came back. She washed her hands and sat in front of me. She looked at me and said, "Hey, where's mine?"

the scene became very awkward at one time, and my girlfriend turned her back to play with her mobile phone, which immediately made me don't know what to do.

because there is no clear "problem solving idea" and "progress bar", there is no way to start with the problem.

@ Mandy

however, a cup of milk tea with the meaning of "parting" is enough for us to open our hearts.

she answered easily: "you know, I can't help it."

I followed her eyes and found that she was looking at the Guangzhou Tower in the distance.

to some extent, only people who know exactly what they are going to do can allow themselves not to have a plan.

I am contrary to her personality, being careful in life and responding to the demands of the people around me.

but a person who "has no threshold in character" is bound to lose a large part of his "self".

thinking about this, I see the source of my envy; I also understand why wayward girls are still liked by many people.

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and when we look at "willfulness" in this way, it also becomes another rare "resilience".

author /Liu Bai

Thank you /momo Xiaoqi

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