Will you go back to Guangzhou next year?

/March 2023

Don't go to places where there are too many people. Spend more time with your family and yourself.

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Guangzhou suddenly cooled down that night.

I can handle wearing a shirt in the morning, but it turned gray when I got off work, and the sudden north wind drilled into the neckline during the few minutes of waiting for the bus.

the second year I came here, I didn't see the winter feeling for a long time.

in fact, in the initial impression, Guangzhou does not have the concept of "cold". The hot streets are filled with 14 million permanent residents, and the neon lights are busy all the year round.

but if you stay for a long time, you will inevitably have a different feeling. A few days ago, when I was having lunch with my colleague in the company, I didn't touch my chopsticks. He poked his head over and said, "Why, this house doesn't taste good?"

I shook my head. "No, I just suddenly feel that eating takeout is boring."

"then go to the restaurant downstairs." After saying this, he withdrew his head again.

"too." I ended this conversation in time, because there was a feeling in my heart that I couldn't say it, that is, after eating thousands of takeout, I suddenly missed the taro braised meat made at home.

maybe it's the New year's Day. At that moment, I looked at the food on my desk and asked myself silently:

"will you come back next year?"


although I have heard about it for a long time, I will still be hit by a huge sense of gap when I really understand the market.

as we drove to the area near Foshan, he pointed to the newly built apartment in the distance and said cheerfully:

"then go and have a look."

throughout the process of looking at the house, I had been thinking about my savings and future development, and I didn't even hear what the man in front of me was saying.

until he patted me on the shoulder and motioned me to look out of the window: "opposite is Wanda Square, which will be completed next year. In the future, it will be much more prosperous and life will be much richer."

on the way back to Guangzhou, I looked at the flow of people outside and thought to myself.


when I told my friend these feelings, he was packing.

I glanced at the computer on his desk. On the screen was the sublet message he had just written. I turned sideways and made room for him coming with a pile of clothes:

"Let's go."


"not coming back?"

"not coming back."

maybe he also felt that such a decision was a little sudden, paused for a moment, and then added: "as you just said, people have to have a sense of belonging. I am 28 years old. I must think about it in the future."

when he pointed to his chin and said his age helplessly, I remembered for no reason:

"18-year-old you are fine, not because of you, but because of 18 years old."

28-year-old you are fine, not because you are 28, but because of you. "

before we know it, we have all reached the stage where we need to assign a value to our age.

even an open city like Guangzhou does not give too much tolerance to an older employee who does not see the improvement.

so the older I get, the more I hate the feeling of frustration. After all, most people are exhausted by it.

is there really anyone in the world who has changed because of constant frustration?

of course there is.

it's just that a lot of people think of it as the end of the film.

places like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou do make a person mature quickly in a few years, but there is no contradiction between "mature" and "young".

then the measure of youth is whether he will do it after considering the consequences.

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