Yesterday, I interviewed a new graduate who was "rolled up to fail".

/March 2023

female, ordinary ordinary university (a university in Zhuhai), preparing to graduate this year, look at her resume, which shows her internship experience since a year ago.

frankly, such resumes are generally not cluttered, because their next target is usually an Internet company.

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"Why don't you continue to tweet those bytes."

"Why? It's good to see your resume. " I said.

"is it so serious?" I do act like an unworldly college student in this respect.

before I reached my conclusion, she said, "the current job market is too bad."

he told me that now their department doesn't even care about "where did you go to graduate school" when looking at your resume, because some graduate degrees are not good, so they still give priority to "where is your undergraduate degree?"


"when you look at countless resumes as HR, you will also come to some conclusions that sound unscientific."

back to the interviewer, although I could sympathize with her "status as an ordinary university", I still found that her "working ability" did not meet our expectations.

at the same time, when she was asked to give clutter content advice, she also made suggestions similar to "you can try different styles of tweets" and "multi-platform targeted distribution". Vague, specious, general suggestions.

We pay more attention to "ideas" and "the ability to adjust in time according to specific circumstances".

I forgot if I told her my above point of view. I only remember that after the interview, I said to her:

if you have more specific ideas later, you can send them to us at any time. If it's interesting, we still have a chance to cooperate. "

in fact, in my opinion, the reason for such "heavy" implementation may also be the result of "volumes" within large companies.

to be honest, when she left, I asked the colleague I interviewed with a question:

my colleague thought for a moment and said, "it must be too much, but I don't think it's a problem, because as long as people say he is a messy reader, you will want to help others, and then say a lot."

but in the end, I still want to seriously discuss the issue of "inner volume".

then in the current public opinion, going to work in a big factory and taking the postgraduate entrance examination seems to be the only choice for most people. So in the process of "volume", people are alienated and begin to abide by some unreasonable rules, such as "obedience", such as "depersonalization".

and "the company becomes stronger" does not mean that "individuals in the company will become stronger".

these two goals seem to be close, but in fact they are far from each other.

and Life is actually a very cunning clown, and the way it is most used to beat you is to stop you from focusing on yourself through other unimportant things.

good night and happy Yuanxiao.