You are a band alone. Welcome to doesn't call for concerts.

/March 2023

Happy December.

there are 30 days left in 2016.

I don't know if your dreams for this year have come true.

in a word, except for "not coming to the cinema".

at this time of the year, some new and interesting things have been tampered with.

in conjunction with the logic and rhythm of "Don't come to the Cinema"

We call it "No call Concert"

Ah, yes, it doesn't have a logo

you see, we are in such a hurry to push you

No call ✖ Brown Sugar can

this will be a series of "sharing music performances" with various forms, different from ordinary live performances. We will let the bands and singers who are invited to perform interact with you in various forms, as if we are locked up in the room and are already friends.

so, we can understand it as a fun concert in the room.


the first phase of the unannounced


the first phase of the unannounced

Let's play something special

do you like music

do you want to play with Japanese instrumental musicians

this time

Let's try "one Big Band"

I'm not really teasing you

No call Concert 1.0

Japanese instrumental music masters teach you to form a "one-man big band"

Concert venue: Brown Sugar can (Nancheng 769 Wenchuang Park)

Concert time: December 10th 15:00pm

participation fee: 60 yuan /person

Our superb vintage prom dresses is a must for any elegant occasion. Just take these selections into consideration.

how to sign up: poke "read the original text" to enter the ticket purchase link

warm Tip: you can bring all kinds of small instruments or things that you are good at to the scene. There will be a surprise for you.

Japanese instrumental music master

Bei Yin Gui Yi

dozens of instruments play with you, but you have never seen any of these instruments

it is said that you can see Jaw Harp, Nose Flute, Khaen and Overton Flute in one breath. This experience is called, it is rare in a lifetime

this is almost an eye-opener. Baiyin Guichi has been walking the music with the concept of "one-man big band". In this performance and sharing, there are still dozens of instruments playing at the same time. To your amazement, you have hardly heard of these instruments, but even more dumbfounded, if you like, we will let the master take you to experience.

you read it correctly, this is a chicken.

Master Byon Kay, who has traveled to large music festivals all over the world for many years, knows a lot about the mysterious characteristics of various national musical instruments. He is proficient in German, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Chinese and other characteristics. ).

he is better at coordinating the use of Loop Pedal for live mixing, superposition (Jew's harp, Nose flute, Barimbin, Khaen, Overtone flute) and other national instruments for live performance.

at the beginning of this summer, the master once came to the brown sugar jar to perform, because there were too many instruments playing high, which was described as "everyone was in a state of madness in the end". Is it hot? this time there is no phone call. Believe me, everyone will be crazy from beginning to end.

because we have something more fun.

what's more fun

Japanese masters take you to play "one-man big band"

unlike ordinary concerts, there will be more interesting sharing and interaction with different callers. This time, master Bei Yingui wants to take you to play, not only to experience dozens of musical instruments you have never seen before, but also to try an artifact Loop Pedal to record various instruments and your voice repeatedly, so as to realize the ultimate dream of "one-man big band".

and let everyone bring their own small musical instruments, and even all kinds of things that can sound to the scene to play together, that is why.

experience the interaction for an hour, please don't play too high to frighten the girl next to you.