You can come to me when you are bored.

/March 2023


but boredom is not useless.

during this period of time, I have found that there are obviously more interactions in moments than before, and the phone calls posted by couples are longer than before.

even my boyfriend, who used to play games during the holiday, now asks me several times a day, "what are you doing?" .

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I remembered that one night on Weibo, I saw a good friend whispering: "I can refrain from looking for you."

the reason is similar to my guess. During this period of time when she couldn't go out, she wanted her boyfriend to spend more time with her, but the other person said, "you can't come to me because you're bored. You have to find something of your own to do."

A friend is aggrieved, otherwise she wouldn't have posted that angry Weibo. And there seems to be nothing wrong with what my boyfriend said.



so we feel a little "crowded", but we are really "warmer" than a person.

that is to tell the other person "I need you very much" and let the other person know "I can understand your needs, too".

because only attachment is one-way and selfish, dependence and understanding should be two-way.

author /Liu Bai

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