You have worked hard for a year. Thank you for your hard work.

/March 2023

when I finished my work at 06:30 in the evening, I saw Wang Zepeng in his office preparing to make a self-heating hot pot. I knocked on the door and asked, "would you like to join us for sushi?"

I said, of course, the one near my home.

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I said, "I'll go to the bathroom first and wait at the door."

when we got on the bus, we somehow started talking about "not easy 2020".

then, in the face of the complete collapse of the epidemic in Western countries, friends studying abroad hurried back, and then, you don't know whether he was stupid or smart Trump lost the election.

finally, at the end of the year, as the temperature dropped, people's sense of tension came up again, and they began to see some news that "a certain company canceled the annual meeting."

I think of "Anti-fragility" I saw a year ago, the author has been emphasizing a point: "everything in life is not linear, if you think it is linear, then you have to pay for it eventually."

frankly, I was not so sure of the point made in "Anti-fragility" in 19 years.

when I was a child, my teacher told me that as long as I memorized one word at a time, my English grades would be improved bit by bit. In high school, the girl I like told me that as long as I was nicer and nicer to her, she would like me more and more. When I got to college, I began to write, and my favorite writer told me in the collection of essays:

so I began to write, little by little, from 1 to 10, from 10 to 1000, and from 1000 to 5000. Slowly, with the linear growth of reading, my life has grown linearly, from one person to four people, and finally to today's 50 people.

but 2020 changed my mind.

of course, there are people who are lazy at work, but there are also some people who post "English 100 words" in their moments every day in order to get better promotion opportunities in the factory.

I asked him, "Why not go?"

but this conversation took place in the middle of the year, and at this point, his situation should not be so difficult.

We are lucky to choose an industry that is not so closely related to the real economy, and we are lucky to be able to get work done only by computers and networks because of technological developments, as I recently watched a line from the fifth season of billions: "I will not pretend to be a lucky fool. I am a beast."

I said all the above words to Zepeng in the car. He was playing with his mobile phone with the interface of Douyin.

I don't know why, when he said that nonsensical reply, I thought I should write it out tonight, because this is a rare opportunity, an opportunity for me to communicate with you through brief empathy.

to be honest, I know the idea is stupid. It has no other use but to reduce my output, but I still get caught up in it.

and I must emphasize that this "hard work", unlike the "hard work" in previous years, contains other meanings.

that's it.

good night.