Your name, your story.

/March 2023

not coming to the cinema on Saturday, the movie "your name." "after the broadcast was over, the host asked on the stage,

" did you have a name flash through your mind after watching this movie? "

someone said the name of the person she liked, others said that he thought of his family. Under everyone's "encouragement", a girl called the person she thought of and said, "I miss you."

later, the thorns suggested that everyone shout "I miss you" at the scene, record it on Wechat and send it to the person I think of. I don't know who I can send it to.

I looked around, and a lot of people clicked on a dialog box, waiting for everyone to shout together, but I opened Wechat and didn't know who to send it to.

finally, I clicked on the dialog box for myself and sent everyone's "I miss you" to myself.

I watched your name after the movie was over. "in the moments that scan the screen, everyone is sharing their stories. My head is full of words, but I don't know who to tell. I posted a circle of friends,

"after reading your name, the most sad thing for me is that I can't remember any names."

that night we also collected your feelings after watching the movie backstage and collected a lot of stories.

makes me a little envious.

@ Boom3haga1agaX

thought of one of my seniors. Is in the same professional exchange group to add friends, all in Guangzhou, he works, I study. Although it is only a distance between two subway stations, we have never met. The strange thing is that I like him. Because he has worked for several years, he likes to be called an upperclassman from the beginning to the present. Although he is always hot and cold to me, or maybe I am just an unseen "netizen" on his friend list. But the love for him is still there.

Be ready to buy yourself the elegant formal dress for ninang sa kasal and stand out in a crowd. Our huge and unique selection is our gift to you.

maybe you'll say I'm stupid. Isn't this "online love"? no, it's "Internet nerd" to be exact. However, I am always happy every time there is a + 1 message in the upper right corner of his avatar. Even though it's just two simple "oops".

he is 26, I am 21. Friends say it's impossible. But I still want to say: I'm trying, so don't like others

@ X.N

think of someone who likes me and then I like too. In the end, we didn't get together because I was slow.

I didn't know until a long time later. Ah, it turns out that I like him, not because of my classmates or brothers, but because girls like boys. At the moment, I didn't refuse or accept him, and everything just went with the wind.

A long period of time after the gloomy gloom and sorrow filled, I was lonely and sentimentally attached to and missed a person, which made me understand the importance of cherishing and grasping.

"later you will meet someone who likes and falls for you and also likes you, and then you are happy together, I can only watch from afar. There is no story from the beginning and there can not be a story, I ended up alone. The show is over. Don't leave. "

@ Big Lion

in the movie, the hero and heroine want to remember but can't remember each other's name. the reality is that I desperately want to forget, but I can't forget your name.


I found fun in reviewing my life every day, that is, I went to see him every day, and then the basketball game was over, and he didn't come any more. Maybe I'll never see him again. Maybe he will never know that there is a girl who has been watching him quietly every evening, nor will he know that this girl has written his name on paper countless times.

@ Simply.

12.3 I went to see your name with a boy who had a good time in the department. "after reading it, I didn't think of any story. I thought of the process of watching it. I thought that I had come to see a movie with a very good friend. This good friend specially drove over for more than two hours to accompany me. Only that my good friend was no longer in touch.

@ Fang Xiaojun

I think of a person named Tong. She and I have a story because we are disorganized. How to say, at first I knew her but she didn't know me yet. Although I didn't know her, I accompanied me through a lot of days that I once thought was very difficult. For a long time, she remembered me in the comments on the tweet, until our first meeting, and I walked over after the lecture. She hugged me and felt as kind as a friend I hadn't seen for a long time. Her temperature makes me happy a lot, at least I don't have insomnia. I'm really happy. For the time being, the story has only the beginning, because I want to take my time with her. She gave me a little light, and I want to stay with her and give her strength. Is that okay? My friend.

@ Liu Xinying

@ SuperKaLam

I can find any network ID of yours. It's a pity that your name has nothing to do with me in reality. It's a big city, but it's a pity we haven't met. The wind is warm today just want to wait for you.

after watching the movie that night, I went back to Guangzhou. I bought a ticket at 17:25. The sunshine was relatively short in winter, and it was evening when I got on the bus. The sun is behind the tall buildings, and the warm light shines through the car window from time to time.

my fellow friends said, "look, at dusk."

in a trance, I seemed to be back in the movie. The heroine's teacher wrote "who is the other and who is the other" on the blackboard, saying that at dusk between day and night, the outline of the world became blurred.To things that you can't normally see. In the film, the hero and heroine spanned three years and finally met at dusk.

I suddenly thought of myself three years ago. And the people around me three years ago, those people.

the people I thought I had forgotten that day, name after name flashed through my mind, all broke up in discord, and all the good things I spent together appeared like a movie. Even though we haven't been in touch for a long time.

I just found that I don't seem to be sad that I can't remember any names.

good night.