Your narrow love will make me more miserable.

/March 2023

Wen /Yuxia

the night Yoga Lin proposed to his girlfriend kiki on Weibo, everyone's moments were being scrubbed, with thorns complaining that "few people read the tweets that night, and Yoga Lin had to carry half the pot."

I suddenly realized that the minority singer I liked eight years ago was already so popular.

when Jia GE first released his first album, "Secret Guest," almost no one around me knew him.

at that time, I was very helpless every time I went to the karaoke room, because there were only a handful of songs in Qukuri. When I asked my classmates traveling to Taiwan to buy an album of "sense /World", I was asked, "who is Yoga Lin?"

when he joined the Super Avenue of Fame, he was always in tears. When he was secretly photographed by the paparazzi in a relationship, he shouted, "what kind of artist do you think I am? I just love music." Huang Yaoming bowed slightly when he sang "sincerely bless you and win a new world" to him on concert yy, which is what I like and what most people have never seen before.

but I don't know which day everyone suddenly fell in love with him.

not only do young people love him, but even the maids downstairs of my house will hum "I'm not lying, why should I lie" in their spare time.

he is no longer my hidden treasure, so that when his songs appear in the karaoke room, he often turns into a chorus, which makes people laugh or cry.

although I have heard more kinds of music than 90% of people, I can name one or two categories of pop, folk, punk, hardcore, metal, post-shake, electronics, classical, jazz, reggae and their more twigs. There are zero-comment music and tens of thousands of hot songs.

but I never found it very compelling to like niche music. If listening to any song can also become a part of life pretending to be forced, then the so-called forced grid is too low.

moreover, the meaning of the existence of good music has never been used to pretend to force anyone.

but when my favorite singer is popular all over the street, I still feel vaguely depressed.

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when you think about it, there are probably three reasons.

first, many things begin with the minority and are destroyed by popularity.

such as the current situation of Tieba, Douban and Zhihu, or some bands that indulge in touring to make money and forget about creation after a little fame, I have seen too many. In the music circle, the impact of money on creators is much greater than many people think.

the second is that they do not have a sense of identity with the new peer groups.

in a mouthful phrase, "I don't like people I don't like like people I like." For example, I find that some people in my moments also say that they like Lin Yoga, my heart will shudder. I think that when she likes other singers in the past, she is a completely irrational fan, and some radical behaviors have blackened Aidou.

the third is pure possessiveness.

when my favorite singer became popular, I could no longer grab the sofa in their comment area on Weibo, and the concert tickets were targeted by scalpers. Not only sold out every minute, but also the ticket price became higher and higher. It seems that after the success of my friends who have accompanied me for many years, my relationship with me is getting weaker and weaker, and there is a sense of psychological gap caused by a stronger and stronger sense of distance.

however, all creators need to face the real problem of survival.

I have seen many predecessors who make music. There are two kinds of people who regard music as a profession-either throw everything into creation, be active underground, get high with fans, and then become a poor dog; or they have a full schedule, run the field every day to pick up business activities, compromise in order to survive, and it is no longer difficult to produce good works.

there is no musician who does not want his songs to be heard by more people. No interest in his works means no income. It is impossible for us to require creators to contribute good works selflessly without cannibalism.

it's like we occasionally get this message backstage: "can you stop advertising? you're not pure at all. I'm going to take it off."

every time I saw me, I was so angry that I wanted to reply to him: "who pays for a desk?" Who pays the rent for the office? Is it pure if we all starve to death? "

but thorns always stop me and say, "just get used to it. Not everyone will think in other people's shoes."

sometimes readers sneak up to tell me, "I love chaos, but I'm a little greedy and want to hide you secretly, so I don't transfer your tweets to moments for fear that others will like you."

at that time, I replied to her: "sometimes I wish my favorite things were not so popular, so that I could hide them secretly." But if there are not enough readers in your city, it will be very difficult for us to start our activities there, which means I can't go to your city to see you or say thank you in person. "

after a long interval, she said, "if you have more and more readers in the future, please don't forget me, let alone the original intention of creation. I'm waiting for you to come and see me."

after that, she not only retweeted our tweets in moments every night, but also regularly and regularly sent them to her group chat with friends, which moved me for a long time.

when discussing the matter with Miss Xie, she said: "at that time, I only spent 68 yuan to stand within a meter of her in livehouse and listen to her sing, and after the performance was over, I could take a picture with her, but now a ticket to Chen Ji's concert costs 999 yuan."

I was supposed toShe would complain and say "I wish she wasn't so popular". Unexpectedly, she still told me happily on her face: "this is also the motivation for me to work hard. When the people I like get better, I should try to be better." and then she won't miss every performance in my city. And I hope she is more popular, more and more red, so that the threshold of loving her will become higher. "

if you like a flower, you will pick it, and if you love a flower, you will water it. I think that's what it means.

yesterday Miss Xie sent me another link excitedly, telling me that Chen Ji was in the lineup of Guangzhou New year Strawberry Music Festival and asked me if I wanted to see it.

as a young lead singer of an 18-line band, the music festival attracts me like marijuana, not to mention that I only glanced at the lineup and found that I admired Wanqing Xie Tianxie, Ma Yan and Chen Keyao 13, which was enough to make me excited. I can't find a reason not to go.

but this time I want to call you, why don't you click to read the original text and go to the Strawberry Music Festival to water your favorite musicians.

all the staff will be there. Come with us for the New year.