You're walking too fast. Slow down tonight.

/March 2023

some smell slowly, time is stagnant; some smell calm, rest and recuperate; some sentient beings suffer and taste alone; and there are gentle healers who give them a good night's sleep.

the whole perfume has full particle size, soft and solid texture. Spray it, you may be able to find a lot of small luck missed because of fast, emerge one by one.

if you wear it at night, you can write poems.

this is a religious perfume , in which the sandalwood smell is very similar to the sandalwood fan and mahogany table we saw when I was a child. Smelling it makes people feel physiologically peaceful. Especially on cold winter nights.

makes its religious sense less solemn, and has a lot of temperature.

one of the reasons for choosing it is its bitterness, the bitterness that soothes the hearts of the people .

this sudden splashing pain can make you stop, this aimless busyness.

JCE, a master of minimalism in the field of flavoring, happens to be bitter. But also bitter thoroughly, there is no way out. Why not leave him alone on your way? no one is going with you, but there must be someone going the same way with you.

for a long time in Hangzhou, I was in a state of "perseverance". Keep your heart and soul tight and don't allow yourself to stop.

to dilute the sound transmitted to me by the environment.

is so big that you don't seem to follow a certain set of rules and do something wrong.

A year later, when I was in Guangzhou, or brought to me by this city, I gradually began to accept my own inertia.

naturally, I relaxed a lot.

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